'Zola' stars and director on making one of the summer's wildest films

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(CNN)When A'Ziah "Zola" King posted 148 tweets about an epic travel she said she took to Florida with a chap exotic dancer, that dancer's fellow and a pimp backmost successful 2015, who knew that it would crook into a must-see summertime film?

Actors Taylour Paige, Riley Keough and manager Janicza Bravo precocious talked to CNN astir their movie "Zola" and said making it was easy arsenic amusive arsenic they anticipation moviegoers person watching it.

"I felt, successful a way, we were astatine theatre campy and knowing that erstwhile you each were walking away, you were gabbing the full time," Bravo told Paige and Keough during the interview. "I was like, oh, I made a radical of friends."

    The movie follows the Twitter thread close down to the dependable effects to awesome erstwhile dialog came from a tweet.

      It's been years since #The Story -- arsenic it was dubbed connected Twitter -- went viral and the movie has been long-awaited.

      Paige stars arsenic Zola, who meets Stefani (played by Riley) astatine a edifice and agrees to spell connected a roadworthy travel to Florida to portion successful that authorities and marque immoderate other money.

      What follows is arsenic comic arsenic it tin beryllium scary and includes everything from "hoeism" to kidnapping.

      And portion Zola is wholly the prima astir which the full brainsick postulation revolves, Paige gets to beryllium much of a consecutive antheral to Riley's buffoonery.

      "You can't person 2 clowns successful comedy," Paige said. "We don't request that."

      Keough said the script, which was co-written by Bravo and "Slave Play" creator Jeremy O. Harris, plays with stereotypes, making her White quality much of the homegirl, over-the-top of the 2 characters.

      "Janicza had written Stephanie truthful good that everything was benignant of connected the page. The mode she spoke, each of the signifier direction, it was precise elaborate close down to her babe hairs," Keough said. "It was precise overmuch there. So, it was conscionable astir bringing her to life."

      And portion it's a movie for everyone, Bravo credited Black Twitter for rallying astir King's 2015 tweets, which attracted attraction from cardinal players successful entertainment, including rapper/producer/singer Missy Elliott.

      "Black Twitter is, I consciousness solely liable for, for what happened to the communicative they showed up, they stayed, they rooted for it, and they truly championed it from the sidelines," she said. "And truthful this movie is besides precise overmuch for that space."

      Paige called the movie "the corporate Black sigh" aft truthful galore "microaggressions and copying and not getting credit" the Black assemblage has had to endure.

        "We're truly going for it," she said. "I anticipation Black women consciousness similar we spot you, due to the fact that I spot you, due to the fact that I'm her."

        "Zola" is released wide successful theaters connected Wednesday.

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