Xbox Takes Us Back to the '90s With This All-4-One R&B Remix

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Xbox took its fandom backmost to the mid-90s with its latest Xbox All Access announcement. The sultry R&B crew All-4-One made a euphony video appearance. A remix of their Grammy-winning hit,  “I Swear,” emphasized the latest post connected the authoritative Xbox website

Bogdan Bilan, Senior Marketing Manager astatine Xbox All Access, wrote, “In the euphony video, changeable and edited successful a nostalgic ‘90s-style, the set takes america connected a travel from reminiscing astir our favourite gaming experiences and memories of years past to those waiting for america connected Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Aptly narrated by the set with customized lyrics centered connected Xbox All Access, “It’s All There” highlights the benefits and easiness of your all-inclusive walk to Xbox.” You tin ticker the hilarious euphony video above.

The video comes equipped with each the '90s R&B stereotypes that you would expect: blurry, dream-like filters, off-screen fans with hairsbreadth blowing successful the wind, and heavenly inheritance lighting. Of people there’s besides footage of The Sims and Seas of Thieves arsenic good arsenic a gift-wrapped Xbox Series S. And let’s not hide astir the perpetually well-dressed gentlemen from All-4-One beautifully chanting: “It’s each there: all-inclusive, next-gen paradise. There’s truthful overmuch Xbox to emotion for 1 price.”

The station connected the authoritative Xbox website concludes, “Xbox All Access gives you everything you request to get into gaming with Xbox – not lone an Xbox Series X oregon Xbox Series S console, but besides a room of implicit 100 high-quality games for console, PC, phones, and tablets with 24-months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included. Plus, you get each caller Xbox Game Studios titles the aforesaid time they release, including Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, and truthful galore more.”

Are you adjacent much funny successful Xbox Game Pass now, oregon were you not a instrumentality of the caller euphony video? I precocious wrote astir however the New Xbox Cloud Upgrade Means Game Pass Games Will Look And Play Better, so, if you’re inactive connected the fence, possibly that’ll beryllium of interest.

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