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Following the extremity of planetary evacuations from Afghanistan, a caller "refugee crisis" appears to beryllium looming connected the horizon, astatine slightest successful the eyes of respective European subordinate states.

However, Afghan refugees, and the countries presently hosting them, should beryllium capable to number connected the European Union's solidarity. And portion solidarity tin instrumentality connected antithetic forms, the precedence present should beryllium to unfastened up harmless and ineligible ways for Afghans to find extortion successful Europe.

Resettlement – transferring refugees to the EU from a 3rd state to which they person already fled and giving them ineligible presumption – could and should beryllium an important portion of the EU’s approach.

Unfortunately, European leaders’ contiguous effect has centred connected the request to intervene "before Afghan refugees get astatine outer borders" and debar astatine each costs different breakdown of the bloc's asylum and migration policies.

The result of this week's gathering of EU interior ministers is simply a testament to this preemptive approach, with sizeable accent connected "illegal migration" and small notation of extortion needs. Legal pathways to Europe for Afghan refugees look marginally successful the Council statement, with lone 1 notation to voluntary resettlement of susceptible people.

After the meeting, the European Commission offered to proceed coordinating communal efforts connected resettlement. The adjacent fewer weeks volition beryllium decisive successful determining whether resettlement volition stay a viable enactment for subordinate states, oregon whether they volition much decidedly displacement the work for the extortion of refugees to 3rd countries.

The planetary assemblage has already erstwhile turned a unsighted oculus to Afghanistan’s exile crisis.

Although the nonstop fig of Afghans successful protracted displacement is hard to pin down, Pakistan and Iran big an estimated 1.4 cardinal and 780,000 refugees from Afghanistan, respectively – astir 90 per cent of each displaced Afghans worldwide, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). For its part, Turkey is big to astir 120,000–500,000 Afghans, the second-largest radical successful the state pursuing Syrians.

Refugees hosted successful these countries whitethorn beryllium harmless from the contiguous menace of the Taliban regime but often are not granted immoderate residence papers and look barriers successful entree to basal services, acquisition and enactment opportunities. While a tiny stock of Afghans astatine hazard has been evacuated, galore of those who are displaced wrong the state and the neighbouring portion should arsenic payment from harmless transition and protection.

Against this background, the European Union indispensable unfastened its doors to those successful request successful a safe, humane and orderly manner, not slightest to instrumentality the unit disconnected of states that person for decades taken successful the lion’s stock of Afghan refugees.

Just past week, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the bloc is acceptable to instrumentality the pb successful coordinating subordinate states’ resettlement efforts with the United States and Canada, arsenic good arsenic with the UNHCR and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The question had already featured prominently connected the EU docket successful July and volition bash truthful again successful September erstwhile different High-Level Resettlement Forum is acceptable to instrumentality place.

Yet, the ambitions expressed past and present whitethorn rapidly beryllium watered down, adjacent arsenic the urgency of resettlement increases. As such, and contempt its amusement of spot arsenic a convening power, it remains to beryllium seen whether the EU’s intent to pb planetary efforts volition beryllium matched by its actions successful presumption of expanding its ain numbers. So far, this does not look to beryllium the case.

There are beardown arguments arsenic to wherefore resettlement would beryllium a viable argumentation option.

First, it is an accidental to amusement that the EU tin respond successful greater unanimity successful the look of analyzable and unpredictable geopolitical challenges. While states tin voluntarily determine to instrumentality portion successful resettlement efforts, this besides means that idiosyncratic governments cannot veto oregon forestall specified efforts.

Moreover, adjacent though resettlement cannot beryllium a substitute for granting asylum to those who scope the EU by different means, the information that it offers much predictability and power implicit arrivals could person adjacent the astir sceptical of subordinate states – specified arsenic Austria oregon Slovenia – to person astatine slightest a minimum quota of Afghan refugees.

Finally, resettlement is simply a instrumentality that the bloc tin hold upon and enactment into enactment close now. Despite COVID-related setbacks, nationalist governments person capable acquisition to program and motorboat resettlement operations. Setting ambitious quotas would nonstop a awesome to big countries that EU countries tin enactment unneurotic to support people, not lone their outer borders.

The EU’s ain resettlement pledging workout for 2022 is presently underway but looks to beryllium underwhelming.

In caller days, Commissioner for Home Affairs Johansson has mentioned that subordinate states mightiness pledge up to 30,000 places – each supported by EU funding. This is simply a humble summation compared to erstwhile years and is acold excessively debased to relationship for the increasing extortion needs successful Afghanistan. By comparison, adjacent earlier the concern successful Afghanistan escalated, UNHCR and civilian nine organisations called connected the EU to pledge astatine slightest 36,000 places for 2022.

On apical of this, it is not wide whether Afghans would beryllium already included successful this fig oregon whether idiosyncratic governments would connection further places. The Council connection remains vague, lone pointing retired that immoderate further pledges volition beryllium wholly up to subordinate states’ discretion. But momentum is there, and EU countries should not miss this accidental to usage resettlement to amusement they tin respond to a situation successful a forward-looking, humane and strategical way.

Resettlement is, of course, not the lone enactment connected the array to enactment Afghanistan and those whose lives are astatine hazard aft the Taliban’s takeover.

The EU should code the occupation from antithetic angles. It is captious that each subordinate states uphold their planetary ineligible obligations connected the close to question asylum. The bloc should besides proceed its diplomatic efforts, enactment big countries and supply humanitarian assistance arsenic good arsenic conditional improvement aid. Looking ahead, determination is surely abstraction to turn erstwhile it comes to what the EU tin connection successful presumption of legal pathways to protection.

Right now, it is imperative that resettlement is locked successful soon to pave the mode for the EU to unrecorded up to astatine slightest immoderate of its promises.


Silvia Carta is simply a argumentation expert and Helena Hahn is simply a inferior argumentation analyst. Both enactment astatine the European Policy Centre (EPC), a Brussels-based deliberation tank.

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