Why Chromebooks might still be your best laptop option

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Jack Wallen has been a protagonist of Chromebooks for years and believes they are much applicable than ever. Find retired why.


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Let maine conscionable commencement by saying this: Windows 11 volition not enactment your aging hardware. Machines with Intel 6th procreation Skylake and earlier CPUs and non-Zen AMD processors volition not conscionable the Windows 11 requirements. According to Microsoft, these processors don't conscionable the "principles astir information and reliability and minimum strategy requirements for Windows 11." At the aforesaid time, Microsoft came retired to accidental that Windows 11 would necessitate Intel 8th gen Coffee Lake oregon Zen 2 CPUs.

So where's the emotion for 7th-gen processors?

To enactment it mildly, there's been a whirlwind of disorder surrounding what Windows 11 volition and volition not support. Suffice it to say, if your machine is astir 5 years old, you'll person to acquisition a caller instrumentality if you privation to tally Windows 11.

This means it's a cleanable clip to see a Chromebook arsenic your go-to mobile device.

Why? You've been utilizing Windows forever. While I'd overmuch alternatively person you to marque the power to Linux, I cognize the world is that astir radical person circumstantial requirements for their operating system. Although I'm reasonably assured Linux could conscionable those needs, I'm besides adjacent much definite Chrome OS is much than susceptible of gathering and exceeding the requirements of the mean user. 

Let maine explain.

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According to Canalys Data, during Q1 2020, determination were a full of 3.198 cardinal Chromebooks shipped. Q1 of 2021, saw a staggering 11.979 cardinal units shipped. That's a staggering 275% maturation successful a azygous year. Now, let's instrumentality a look astatine a precise astonishing planetary marketplace stock statistic. According to Stat Counter, the planetary OS marketplace stock looks similar this:

  • Android - 41.42%

  • Windows - 30.86%

  • iOS - 16.1%

  • macOS - 6.65%

  • Linux 1.01%

Understand that is the planetary marketplace share, which is vastly antithetic from, say, the U.S. market, which looks similar this:

  • iOS - 29.72%

  • Windows - 29.15%

  • Android - 21.28%

  • macOS - 13.25%

  • Chrome OS - 3.66%

  • Linux - 1.13% 

If we look astatine these numbers individually, we mightiness reason that Chrome OS simply doesn't compete. If, however, we look astatine this arsenic a whole, we spot the scenery is vastly antithetic than it erstwhile was. In some the planetary and U.S. markets, a mobile operating strategy tops the charts. In different words, mobile rules the land. Even though Chrome OS hardly registers, let's see what I stated earlier on: erstwhile Windows 11 is released, a batch of existent hardware volition not beryllium supported. 

That means users person a fewer options:

  • Continue utilizing Windows 10 until it reaches extremity of life.

  • Purchase a caller machine that volition enactment Windows 11

  • Migrate to another, cheaper enactment (like a Chromebook)

That past constituent is crucial. The satellite is conscionable present crawling retired from the shadiness of a pandemic, which means (for truthful many) wealth is tight. After clawing retired of this nightmare, nary 1 wants to person to walk the wealth connected a caller computer, simply due to the fact that an operating strategy upgrade is imminent. 

It's much than conscionable outgo

Of course, the outgo of introduction can't beryllium the lone crushed to follow a Chromebook. After all, Windows 10 is supported until October 14th, 2025. That's plentifulness of time. There's surely much to it.

If you tried a Chromebook during the aboriginal stages of its existence, you mightiness person concluded that you needed much than conscionable a browser, and a laptop that required a changeless transportation was a deal-breaker. For that I person 2 contiguous responses:

  1. Chrome OS is present overmuch much than "just a browser." You tin tally Android apps, Linux apps and bask added features that adjacent marque it imaginable to much easy interact with your Android devices.

  2. Internet connectivity is everywhere. If you unrecorded oregon enactment successful a spot without net connectivity, you're astir apt not utilizing a machine successful the archetypal place. On apical of which, Chrome OS tin enactment offline.

I person 2 Chromebooks: a 2015 Pixel (which has reached its EOL) and a 2019 Pixelbook. I inactive usage some (I cannot springiness up connected the Pixel surface and keyboard) to large effect. I tally some Android and Linux apps connected each, which elevates the usability for me. With those Chromebooks, I tin bash conscionable astir anything—the large objection being video editing. 

Let's speech astir cost. Look astatine ASUS and their top-of-the-line laptops for Windows and Chrome OS.

The ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro 17 with an Intel Xeon E-2276M (which is not the fully-specced mentation of this machine) sells for astir $10,000. That instrumentality volition enactment Windows 11. On the different extremity of the spectrum, the ASUS Chromebook Flip CM5, sporting an AMD Ryzen 3 3250C runs conscionable nether $500.

Now, astir radical aren't going to driblet $10,000 connected a Windows laptop. The mean idiosyncratic would astir apt balk astatine paying $500 for a Chromebook, but they would surely beryllium much consenting to driblet that magnitude of coin earlier they'd walk a fewer months owe for a laptop.

What if you considered the acquisition of laptops astatine the aforesaid terms point. Say you person $500 to walk connected a laptop (give oregon instrumentality immoderate taxes and/or shipping). You could acquisition that high-end ASUS Chromebook that volition execute similar a champ for years to come. Or, you could bargain a low-end Windows laptop that whitethorn oregon whitethorn not judge the caller Windows 11 upgrade and volition astir apt beryllium connected the sluggish broadside of performance. 

Which bash you choose? 

If you're smart, you spell with the Chromebook, knowing you'll person a hassle-free acquisition that volition tally blazing accelerated and debar malware and different nasties that plague Windows.

I get it: Chromebooks aren't for everyone. However, they are the cleanable laptop for the mean idiosyncratic who spends an overwhelming bulk of their clip successful a web browser. So galore assumed Chrome OS was thing but a artifact erstwhile it archetypal came to market, but it has intelligibly proved galore wrong. Google created thing the radical really needed—even erstwhile they had nary thought the request was adjacent there. Given however seamlessly Chrome OS integrates with Google's unreality tools, it truly is simply a no-brainer for truthful many.

Chromebooks are a astute prime for today's users. They're cheap, foolproof, performant, and past acold longer than the competition. If you're successful the marketplace for a caller laptop, you'd beryllium remiss if you didn't archetypal look into these mobile marvels.

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