White House on Trump’s Florida Rally: “We Are Not Focused on the Former President at All”

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The White House, via deputy property secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, said it is “not focused” connected erstwhile President Donald Trump, who is holding a rally successful Sarasota, Florida astatine the aforesaid clip that President Joe Biden is successful the authorities to sojourn the families who person been affected by past week’s partial illness of a condo gathering successful Surfside, Florida.

“We are not focused connected the erstwhile president astatine all,” Jean-Pierre said successful effect to a newsman aboard Air Force One. “We are focused chiefly connected the American people, what tin the president do. This is what the president’s focused on, what tin helium proceed to bash to marque their lives better. Right now, today, is each astir the assemblage astatine Surfside, making definite we’re offering up our condolences, making definite we’re offering up each the assistance that we tin supply to them astatine this time.”

“And besides lifting up our archetypal responders who person been moving tirelessly astir the clock, doing the enactment that they’re doing successful their hunt and rescue,” she added.

"We are not focused connected the erstwhile president astatine all. We are focused chiefly connected the American people," Karine Jean-Pierre tells reporters aboard AF1 erstwhile asked whether the WH has a presumption connected Trump rally successful Florida connected Saturday.

— Morgan Chalfant (@mchalfant16) July 1, 2021

Jean-Pierre besides responded to a question concerning the caller quality that Trump Organization main fiscal serviceman Allen Weisselberg has surrendered to authorities arsenic the Manhattan territory attorney’s bureau prepares to complaint the institution and its apical enforcement with tax-related crimes, saying that portion the White House has followed the “past 12 hours oregon so,” determination would beryllium nary further comment.

“We’re not going to remark connected immoderate circumstantial lawsuit astatine this time,” she said. “And, generally, the president believes and has made wide that it’s agelong past owed for wealthiest Americans to wage their just stock and he’s announced a fig of initiatives to ace down connected taxation evasion by high-income individuals and large corporations.”

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