Turning crisis into opportunity: World leaders meet at UN to help drive pandemic recovery

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Leading figures from government, concern and civilian nine are preparing to instrumentality portion successful this year’s High Level Political Forum connected sustainable improvement (HLPF), wherever they volition sermon ways to retrieve from the interaction of the COVID-19 pandemic, and crook the deadly situation into an accidental for a large displacement towards a much sustainable planetary economy.

The hybrid (online and in-person) conference, which takes spot betwixt 6 and 15 July, volition absorption connected the lessons, successes, shortcomings and plans to look from the unprecedented wellness crisis, and advocator for accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) arsenic the champion mode to physique much inclusive, resilient and healthier societies.

“Countries volition stock and bespeak the actions they person been taking to flooded the pandemic, to code its impacts and to physique backmost better”, said Munir Akram, the President of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which convenes the Forum. “A halfway contented would beryllium whether and however they are utilizing the SDGs arsenic the blueprint for their effect to COVID-19.” 

Helping the astir vulnerable

This year, 43 countries volition contiguous actions they person taken to amended people’s modular of living, contempt the interaction of the pandemic; to date, 168 countries person presented their advancement connected the SDGs since the archetypal Forum, successful 2016. 

In the country of clime action, for example, the land federation of Antigua and Barbuda is implementing a $1.3 cardinal task to amended its civilian nine entree to clime financing. In Norway, measures to combat clime alteration person led to full greenhouse state emissions dropping to the the lowest level since 1993, and also, Angola’s determination to enact measures aimed astatine reducing the country’s dependence connected oil. 

For galore countries, the effect to the pandemic has progressive investing successful their citizens, enhancing societal extortion systems and labour markets successful bid to assistance the astir susceptible populations. 
Egypt’s “Decent Life” strategy aims to amended the lives of millions of mediocre successful agrarian areas; Denmark inaugurated its “Children First” project, to guarantee amended conditions for adjacent opportunities successful childhood; and Cyprus has adopted a enactment bundle for employees, the self-employed, susceptible groups and businesses, worthy immoderate 2.6 cardinal Euros. 

Years of advancement erased

Despite these invited initiatives, ECOSOC warns that the pandemic has erased years of advancement connected immoderate SDGs, and delegates volition place areas that request much attention, and policies apt to person maximum impacts connected achieving the Goals. 

Before the onset of the pandemic, advancement was already being described arsenic unsatisfactory, with pervasive inequalities, hunger, clime change, deficiency of entree to education, increasing unemployment, and utmost poverty

By highlighting these ongoing issues, it is hoped that countries volition illustration a betterment way that is people-centered and underpinned by economical reform, integer transformation, vaccine equity and clime action. 

HLPFc2021 highlights

  • Launch of the SDGs Report 2021 The yearly Sustainable Development Goals Report provides an overview of the world’s efforts to instrumentality the SDGs to date. The 2021 study volition beryllium launched connected 6 July.
  • Laying the groundwork The Forum takes spot nether the taxable of sustainable and resilient betterment from the COVID-19 pandemic, laying the crushed for the upcoming Food Systems Summit successful September, the UN Climate Conference successful November and different high-level events
  • Other Special Events In summation to implicit 300 broadside events, determination volition beryllium respective peculiar events, including the SDG Learning, Training and Practice lawsuit (6-12 July),  the SDG Acceleration Action lawsuit (8 July), the SDG Film Festival (12 July), the Local and Regional Governments Forum (12-13 July), the Chief Sustianability Officers Special Event (15 July).
  • Media Zone (6 to 16 July) Under the theme, Global Challenges, Local Solutions, the SDG Media Zone astatine the Forum volition diagnostic media-led conversations connected socioeconomic betterment and SDG enactment from astir the world. You tin find the programme here. All of the videos volition beryllium disposable connected UN Web TV.
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