Turkey and Russia shut consulates as Taliban advance in Afghanistan

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By Euronews with AP  •  Updated: 07/07/2021 - 11:49

Afghan soldiers astatine  the gross  of a subject   compound aft  an onslaught  by gunmen successful  Mazar-e- Sharif

Afghan soldiers astatine the gross of a subject compound aft an onslaught by gunmen successful Mazar-e- Sharif   -   Copyright  Mirwais Najand/AP

Turkey and Russia person closed their consulates successful a portion successful bluish Afghanistan, amid a Taliban beforehand successful the region.

Across the borderline successful Tajikistan reservists are being called up to reenforce the country’s confederate border, according to officials.

The consulates were unopen successful Afghanistan’s fourth-largest city, Mazar-e-Sharif, the superior of the bluish Balkh province, pursuing Taliban victories nearby.

While determination has been warring successful Balkh state the metropolis has truthful acold been comparatively peaceful.

Iran said it has restricted activities astatine its consulate successful the city.

Nearly 1,000 Afghan soldiers person fled the Taliban advances by crossing the borderline into Tajikistan, according to reports from Tajikistan.

A connection connected Monday from the Tajik authorities said President Emomali Rakhmon ordered the mobilisation of 20,000 subject reservists to fortify its borderline with Afghanistan.

The Afghan subject exodus comes arsenic the Taliban person overrun astir districts successful northeastern Badakhshan province.

Many fell without a combat but on the province's bluish borderline with Tajikistan, hundreds of Afghan forces crossed over, seeking information successful Tajikistan.

Hamdullah Muhib, Afghanistan's National Security advisor, said it was earthy for Tajikistan to instrumentality other measures if they were acrophobic astir insecurity successful bluish Afghanistan.

The Taliban march gains momentum lone days aft the United States vacated Bagram Airfield, conscionable an hour's thrust northbound of the capital, Kabul.

Afghan subject officials accused the US of slipping distant astatine nighttime without informing them, shutting disconnected the energy arsenic they went.

The base's caller Afghan commandant discovered the US forces’s departure much than 2 hours aft they left

US president Joe Biden has committed to propulsion each remaining troops retired of the state by September 11, and NATO allies are besides pulling out.

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