Tucker Carlson to Friends: I Didn’t Vote for Trump in 2020, I Voted for Kanye West

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Donald Trump’s emergence to powerfulness couldn’t person happened without Fox News. Host similar Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and the hosts of Fox and Friends helped legitimize the businessman arsenic a candidate. And Tucker Carlson surely played a sizeable relation arsenic well.

But a caller communicative shows that, astatine slightest among friends, Carlson is trying to somewhat region himself from the erstwhile president. Politco reports that the Fox property has been saying that helium voted for Kanye West alternatively than Trump successful 2020.

Daniel Lippman writes:

“Shortly aft the statesmanlike election, the Fox News big started telling immoderate programme guests that helium had formed his ballot for West, according to 2 radical acquainted with those conversations. Given Carlson’s fierce on-air commentary successful favour of Trump, the guests were near wondering if Carlson was superior oregon simply joking.”

A root told Politico, “It’s his mode of saying that he’s not conscionable different Trumpette astatine Fox News similar Sean Hannity.”

This communicative tracks with caller reports of a feud betwixt Hannity and Carlson. One of Carlson’s favourite things to speech astir with media sources is his disdain for his chap Fox anchor.

Hannity seemingly responded to the reports a week ago, telling viewers, “Now the large quality is that immoderate radical astatine Fox seemingly don’t similar me, and said atrocious things astir maine ― gutlessly ― down my back, according to Ben Smith and members of the media mob. That’s called a mean time successful the satellite that I unrecorded in. I’m not gonna alteration conscionable due to the fact that immoderate of you don’t similar me.”

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