Tilda's spaniels get their paws on the Palm Dog

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Tilda Swinton and Pam Dog judges and big   posing for photos

British histrion Tilda Swinton has go the latest recipient of The Palm Dog Award.

The quirky and irreverent awards observe canine performances successful each films screened astatine the Cannes Film Festival and the eccentric ceremonial has go a cult fixture successful the Cannes calendar connected the past Friday of the festival.

Swinton attended the ceremonial to cod the Palm Dog Collar connected behalf of her trio of Springer Spaniels, who diagnostic connected surface with her successful 'The Souvenir Part II', which she stars successful with her girl Honor and is showing successful Director's Fortnight.

The Palm Dog was founded successful 2001 by British movie writer Toby Rose to observe canines astatine Cannes.

In 2019 Quentin Tarantino was awarded the Palm Dog Collar connected behalf of his canine actor, Sayuri, who won the grant for her show arsenic Brandy successful 'Once Upon a Time successful Hollywood'.

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