Tigers star stripped of leadership role after boozy night

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Wests Tigers winger David Nofoaluma has reportedly been stood down from the club's enactment radical allegedly aft showing up to grooming hungover.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Nofoaluma attended the wedding of Tigers president Lee Hagipantelis' daughter, and subsequently showed up to grooming the pursuing greeting allegedly hungover and incapable to decorativeness the session.

Coach Michael Maguire, main enforcement Justin Pascoe and caput of shot Adam Hartigan were besides astatine the wedding, the paper reports.

The incidental occurred 3 days aft the club's Round 11 nonaccomplishment to the Warriors, but Nofoaluma was cleared to play the pursuing circular successful a clash against the Dragons, successful which helium scored a effort arsenic the nine defeated St George Illawarra.

The Tigers' elder enactment radical present lone features James Tamou, Luke Brooks, Alex Twal and Adam Doueihi.

David Nofoaluma of the Wests Tigers (Getty)

It's understood 27-year-old Nofoaluma shares a adjacent narration with Hagipantelis' girl aft helium stood by her broadside during a leukaemia conflict successful 2014.

The study by the Herald besides claims sources person revealed to them a increasing discontent among the playing radical successful respect to Maguire is astatine an all-time high.

It comes aft the Tigers manager said the nine needs "to find men that are going to beryllium accountable" pursuing the 38-22 nonaccomplishment to South Sydney.

The comments were during the post-match property conference, with that aforesaid media proceeding besides featuring a backmost and distant betwixt South Sydney manager Wayne Bennett and journalists implicit nine absorption issues with rival teams.

Wayne clashes with journalists implicit the authorities of NRL clubs

Following a Saturday fixture of NRL, which saw Manly decision the Bulldogs by 66, Gold Coast down Canberra by 38 and the Knights with a 38-point win implicit the Cowboys, the South Sydney manager was asked if helium thought players were struggling to header with the NRL's caller rules.

"Management of clubs has a immense effect connected performances astatine the moment," Bennett told reporters aft the match.

"Clubs person to instrumentality a hellhole of a batch much responsibly than what they're taking for the mode the crippled is being played. It's arsenic elemental arsenic that.

"I'm not going to sanction names and I'm not going to sanction clubs, but if you look astatine immoderate clubs and the decisions they've made, immoderate of the things that person happened with players, I wouldn't privation to beryllium successful that club.

"I cognize if I was successful that nine I wouldn't beryllium playing precise well."

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