Three Finnish teenagers convicted of torturing fellow student to death

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By AFP  •  Updated: 03/09/2021 - 18:50

Candles, flowers and notes are placed successful  a parkland  wherever  the 16-year-old lad  died.

Candles, flowers and notes are placed successful a parkland wherever the 16-year-old lad died.   -   Copyright  VESA MOILANEN / LEHTIKUVA / AFP

Three Finnish teenagers person been jailed for torturing a chap 16-year-old pupil to decease adjacent Helsinki.

A Finnish tribunal connected Friday sentenced the 3 killers to situation sentences ranging from 8 years and 2 months to 10 years and 1 month.

The boy's execution successful December 2020 and the consequent proceedings person shocked Finland owed to the property of the unfortunate and his killers.

The defendants, who were each calved successful 2004, were accused of harassing their unfortunate for months earlier brutally beating him to death.

The tribunal successful Helsinki heard however the teenagers had "sadistically" assaulted their erstwhile classmate for respective hours earlier helium died.

The victim's assemblage was recovered connected 4 December past twelvemonth successful a parkland successful Koskela, successful the northbound of the capital. Prosecutors said that the lad had died of encephalon harm and a punctured lung caused by breached ribs.

The 3 killers, who had known the lad since kindergarten, admitted the battle but pleaded not blameworthy to murder. All 3 person the close to entreaty against their situation sentences.

The tribunal recovered that the 3 teenagers had acted together, and inflicted much than 100 injuries connected the victim's assemblage "in a peculiarly brutal and cruel manner".

Finland's Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo has besides described the transgression arsenic "shocking".

The lawsuit has besides revealed flaws successful Finland's societal attraction homes for young people, arsenic the unfortunate had lived successful a foster home.

The boy's carers had initially refused to hunt for him and his assemblage was not discovered until 3 days aft his death.

Teachers person besides admitted that they were "too late" successful responding to the teenager's difficulties.

According to authoritative figures, astir 1 successful 2 young radical aged 14-16 successful residential attraction successful Finland has precocious experienced bullying and threats of violence.

But Helsinki constabulary section said successful a statement that they had investigated whether immoderate kid payment services had breached their work of care.

Crime Commissioner Markku Silén said determination was "no factual evidence" that immoderate teacher, kid extortion worker, oregon different officials had committed immoderate misconduct.

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