These Are The Best Robinhood Stocks To Buy Or Watch Now

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Buying a banal is deceptively easy, but purchasing the close banal astatine the close clip without a proven strategy is incredibly hard. So what are the champion Robinhood stocks to bargain present oregon enactment connected a watchlist?


At the moment, Google genitor Alphabet (GOOGL), iPhone elephantine Apple (AAPL) and PayPal (PYPL) are standout performers. Unlike GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment (AMC), which person been hitting the headlines of late, these stocks connection a premix of coagulated cardinal and method performance.

Best Robinhood Stocks To Buy: The Crucial Ingredients

There are thousands of stocks trading connected the NYSE and Nasdaq. But to make large gains you person to find the precise best. The champion Robinhood stocks for investors volition beryllium those that connection a premix of net and banal marketplace performance.

The CAN SLIM system offers wide guidelines connected what you should beryllium looking for. Invest successful stocks with caller quarterly and yearly net maturation of astatine slightest 25%. Look for companies that person new, game-changing products and services. Also see not-yet-profitable companies, often caller IPOs, that are generating tremendous gross growth.

The Market Is Key When Buying Robinhood Stocks

A cardinal portion of the CAN SLIM look is the M, which stands for market. Most stocks, adjacent the precise best, travel the marketplace direction. Invest erstwhile the banal marketplace is successful a confirmed uptrend and determination to currency erstwhile the banal marketplace goes into a correction.

The banal marketplace pulled backmost pursuing the latest quality connected involvement rates, but has already rallied back. The wide S&P 500 and the tech-heavy Nasdaq some precocious deed grounds highs.  In addition, the Dow Jones Industrial is present good wide of the cardinal 50-day moving average. A beardown jobs study Friday helped banal soar higher.

The marketplace has present moved backmost into a confirmed uptrend. Institutional selling has been modest, truthful investors should consciousness assured expanding their marketplace vulnerability by purchasing apical stocks. Do not hide to enactment flexible, and support subject successful applying buying and selling rules however.

Now is simply a bully clip to beryllium buying fundamentally beardown stocks coming retired of dependable illustration patterns. The stocks featured beneath are imaginable candidates.

But remember, arsenic the past week showed, things tin rapidly alteration erstwhile it comes to the banal market. Make definite you support a adjacent oculus connected the market inclination leafage here.

Best Robinhood Stocks To Buy Or Watch

Now let's look astatine Google stock, Apple banal and PayPal banal successful much detail. An important information is that these stocks are coagulated from a cardinal perspective, portion organization ownership is besides strong. They are besides portion of the Robinhood Top 100 Stocks, the platform's astir fashionable stocks among traders.

Google and PayPal are some members of IBD Leaderboard and IBD Long-Term Leaders.

Google Stock

Google genitor Alphabet is successful a bargain portion aft passing a 2,431.41 flat base bargain point. It is actionable arsenic precocious arsenic 2,553.05. Shares person been trading conscionable supra oregon beneath the bargain constituent for much than 2 weeks, usually tiny moves successful below-average volume. But connected Friday, GOOGL banal roseate 2.3% to 2,505.15, intelligibly moving past its caller sideways action.

The relative spot line for GOOGL stock is astir grounds highs. This gauges a stock's show compared to the S&P 500.

GOOGL stock has a perfect IBD Composite Rating of 99. That puts it successful the apical 1% of stocks tracked overall. Earnings outshine banal marketplace performance, with its EPS Rating a apical notch 94 retired of 99.

Earnings person grown by an mean of 50% over the past 3 quarters. This is treble the 25% sought by CAN SLIM investors.

Analysts spot beardown maturation ahead, with Google net per stock expected to detonate 66% successful 2021, and past increasing by a further 8% successful 2022.

The tech elephantine has a Relative Strength Rating of 84. That means it has outperformed 84% of stocks tracked implicit the past 12 months successful presumption of terms performance. Recent show is strong, with Google banal rising astir 43% truthful acold successful 2021. This acold outstrips the S&P 500's summation of little than 16%.

Big wealth has been snapping up Alphabet banal of late. This is reflected successful its Accumulation/Distribution Rating of B-. This reflects moderate-to-heavy buying implicit the past 13 weeks.

Google stock was boosted aft the steadfast posted first-quarter net and gross that crushed expert estimates. YouTube advertizing gross topped expectations, portion the institution besides authorized further GOOGL banal buybacks.

In the March quarter, Alphabet repurchased $11.39 cardinal of its GOOGL stock, up from $8.5 cardinal successful the year-earlier period. Alphabet had astir $4 cardinal near successful a stock repurchase program. The caller buyback authorization brings that to astir $54 billion.

The net giant's halfway hunt advertizing concern besides continued to rebound, though the coronavirus pandemic inactive pressures sectors specified arsenic travel.

While Google has expanded into unreality computing and user hardware, integer advertizing inactive makes up the lion's stock of revenue. Google announced successful aboriginal March that it volition halt employing web browser-tracking exertion for the intent of selling advertising. Earlier, Google said it would phase retired third-party cookies.

Google plans to utilize "contextual" exertion that enables advertisers to target aggregated groups of consumers with akin interests, specified arsenic travel, sports oregon fashion.

However the steadfast announced Thursday it is delaying its phaseout of third-party net tracking cookies utilized by the advertizing industry. In a blog post, Google said it would hold its phaseout until mid-to-late 2023. It had planned to extremity enactment for third-party cookies successful its Chrome web browser successful aboriginal 2022.

Apple Stock

AAPL banal is successful a bargain portion aft passing a cupful base buy point of 137.17, according to MarketSmith analysis.

Apple banal precocious broke done its 50-day moving average, portion its relative spot line is showing signs of improvement.

The IBD Stock Checkup instrumentality shows net maturation is bouncing back successful caller quarters pursuing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apple's EPS maturation has averaged retired a 49% maturation implicit the past 3 quarters. This is wide of the 25% net maturation sought by the CAN SLIM cognoscenti.

Another beardown indicator is the information net person accelerated for the past 2 quarters. EPS grew by a mighty 119% successful the astir caller quarter.

Analysts spot net increasing by a precise beardown 57% successful 2021, earlier moderating to 4% maturation successful 2022.

One crushed to workout caution for Apple banal is the information net are owed aft the adjacent connected July 27. While this could enactment arsenic a catalyst, a atrocious study could besides nonstop the banal lower.

IBD recommends using options arsenic a strategy to bounds risk. It is simply a mode to capitalize connected the upside imaginable of a stock's determination astir earnings, portion reducing the downside risk.

With its iPhone concern maturing, investors are looking for a caller large maturation operator for Apple stock. Services and wearables are seen arsenic 2 cardinal drivers. Apple's Wearables, Home and Accessories portion saw income summation 25% to $7.8 cardinal successful the March quarter.

One crushed to beryllium bullish on Apple is it continues to nutrient caller products, which is a major occurrence origin successful the CAN SLIM system. The steadfast precocious introduced its archetypal Mac computers with processors the institution designed itself alternatively than those supplied by longtime partner Intel (INTC).

Apple executives showed disconnected a lineup of Mac computers moving the company's caller M1 processor. The M1 spot delivers up to 3.5-times-faster cardinal processing portion show than Intel-based Macs. Chip foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM) volition marque the chips for Apple, utilizing its 5-nanometer process technology.

The M1 quality comes aft the steadfast revealed its iPhone 12 lineup of 5G-enabled smartphones arsenic good arsenic the HomePod Mini astute speaker. Apple has besides introduced its sixth-generation Apple Watch smartwatches, caller iPad tablets, Apple Fitness+ work and Apple One subscription work bundles.

PayPal Stock

PayPal banal is astatine the apical of a bargain portion aft clearing a smaller cupful wrong a consolidation. The introduction is 277.96, and it is actionable up to 291.85.

In summation PYPL banal has present formed a caller grip introduction connected regular chart, which means the larger consolidation tin beryllium seen arsenic a cupful with handle. The bargain constituent present is 296.11.

The comparative spot enactment had been improving, but it took a spot of a breather arsenic it formed its caller handle. Going forward, investors volition privation to spot it powerfulness supra the all-time precocious it reached successful mid-February. The payments banal has a agelong past of outperforming the broader market, a cardinal crushed wherefore it is connected the IBD Long-Term Leaders list. It's besides connected Leaderboard.

PayPal banal has seen its Composite Rating travel backmost strongly, and it present sits astatine a precise beardown 92. Stock marketplace show is improving, and PYPL banal is present up astir 24% truthful acold this year.

Earnings are the stock's cardinal strength, with its EPS Rating coming successful astatine 98 retired of 99. EPS has grown by an mean of 52% implicit the past 3 quarters. This reflects the existent inclination towards cashless transactions amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

When PayPal reported March-quarter earnings, gross and full outgo measurement topping expert estimates. EPS popped by 85% to $1.22 arsenic e-commerce continued to roar amid the coronavirus pandemic. Revenue vaulted 31% to $6.03 billion. The beardown results person been helping the banal advance.

Total outgo measurement processed from merchant customers jumped 50% to $285 billion. This was amended than the $264.9 cardinal projected by analysts.

The institution besides said it added 14.5 cardinal nett caller progressive accounts worldwide successful the December quarter. Well known for its online checkout button, PayPal had 392 cardinal progressive accounts worldwide arsenic of March 31.

Meanwhile PayPal is looking into caller maturation avenues. It is now fighting it out with payments rival Square (SQ) in the cryptocurrency space. The 2 outgo companies are selling apps that fto shoppers get discounts, marque installments and bargain cryptocurrencies.

PayPal's Venmo and the Square Cash App started disconnected arsenic person-to-person money-transfer services for household members and friends. Now they've evolved into wide user fiscal services apps fueling maturation for these leaders successful the burgeoning tract of integer payments.

In precocious November, PayPal launched a cryptocurrency trading service, allowing clients to bargain and merchantability Bitcoin. In addition, PayPal customers volition besides beryllium capable to usage cryptocurrencies to store astatine the 28 cardinal merchants connected its web starting successful aboriginal 2021, the institution said.

PayPal besides announced cryptocurrency trading connected Venmo. The caller diagnostic allows customers to usage these 3 types of cryptocurrency, positive Bitcoin Cash, to presumption crypto trends and marque transactions. The rollout has already started, and volition beryllium disposable for each customers straight successful the Venmo app.

Please travel Michael Larkin connected Twitter at @IBD_MLarkin for much connected maturation stocks and analysis.


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