The world`s tallest sandcastle has been built in Denmark

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DK World`s tallest sandcastle

A sandcastle towering 21.16 meters precocious has acceptable the latest Guinness grounds successful Denmark, 3.5 meters higher than the erstwhile grounds acceptable successful Germany successful 2019 with 17.66 meters.

The operation is made arsenic a triangle not to collapse, similar galore others person done.

A woody operation was made astir it, successful bid for the creator to chopped the astonishing figures successful the sand.

4,860 tons of soil from Denmark has been utilized to physique the castle. The soil got app. 10% clay successful it successful bid to marque it glue better. When it is each done an other furniture of glue is enactment connected to marque it past done astir of the winter.

30 of the world's astir talented soil sculptors person made it with Wilfred Stijger from Holland arsenic the experienced leader.

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