The FBI Is Arresting Trump Supporters For Attacking Journalists

3 weeks ago 9

The FBI has made a question of arrests of Trump supporters who attacked journalists connected January 6th.

The Washington Post reported:

Nearly six months aft the U.S. Capitol riot, the Justice Department has begun arresting a caller class of alleged criminals — those who attacked reporters oregon damaged their instrumentality arsenic journalists documented the unit perpetrated by supporters of President Donald Trump.


There is nary national instrumentality specifically against attacking a journalist, truthful the Justice Department has charged those who went aft reporters oregon their cogwheel connected Jan. 6 with committing unit successful the restricted grounds of the Capitol, oregon destroying spot connected the Capitol grounds. More specified arrests are expected, according to officials.

Donald Trump didn’t conscionable alteration attacks connected the press. He encouraged them by demonizing immoderate media that didn’t contiguous fawning sum of him. 

Trump supporters who threatened oregon attacked the property were singled retired for praise by the erstwhile failed president. Trump rewarded threats and unit against the press.

The FBI’s arrests are the archetypal measurement successful reversing the civilization that Trump created. Instead of rewards, Trump supporters get arrested for attacking journalists.

There is nary national instrumentality that protects journalists from targeted unit portion they are doing their jobs, but arresting Trump supporters for attacking the property is simply a bully start.

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