The 5 best standing desks and converters to add ergonomics and mobility to the workday

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From compact lasting desks and spacious electrical options to lightweight table risers, present are immoderate of the champion options to see for the bureau oregon preferred location workspace.

Unlike accepted enactment desks, lasting desks let professionals to adhd a small enactment to the workday and execute definite tasks connected their feet alternatively than successful their seats. Desk converters and akin products alteration a table into a lasting desk; a convenient mode to maximize the functionality of existing furnishings during the workday without going all-in connected a pricier full-size model. In this roundup, we've highlighted immoderate of the champion lasting desks and table converters for the dedicated bureau oregon preferred workspace astir the house.

Uplift Desk's V2 lasting desk


Image: Uplift Desk

Uplift Desk's V2 lasting table is simply a versatile enactment with plentifulness of country for customization. The framework is disposable successful aggregate colors and radical tin take from a fig of optional laminates including ash, cherry, bamboo, walnut, whiteboard reclaimed fir and others. The V2 table measures 30-inches heavy and comes successful a fig of widths ranging from 42 inches up to 80 inches depending connected the desired desktop setup. As an added bonus, the table is besides compatible with the company's under table hammock allowing those so-inclined to instrumentality the occasional powerfulness nap astatine the workstation and past proceed their tasks without missing a beat.

$599 astatine Uplift Desk

Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk: 2-stage Eco option



This Flexispot exemplary is simply a functional electrical lasting table for nether $250. The motorized portion offers a accepted table acquisition astatine 28-inches and rises up to 47.6-inches depending connected tallness and workstation preferences. 

The exemplary offers 2 keypad styles to take from, though the much versatile integer keypad costs an further $60. The basal keypad offering features a two-button setup to either rise oregon little the desk. The much precocious multibutton enactment touts preset capabilities and a reminder relation to alert you erstwhile you've been sitting for an extended play of time.

This desktop is disposable successful a fig of sizes (up to 60-inches successful width). While accepted laptop oregon azygous show users volition surely person ample country with the 42-inch wide desktop, those who similar a much elaborate workstation with dual monitors and different accessories whitethorn request a larger aboveground area.

$220 astatine FlexiSpot

Victor Technology Compact Standing Desk


Image: Victor Technology

This Victor Technology lasting table is simply a coagulated enactment for smaller dedicated offices oregon areas doubling arsenic part-time enactment areas. At 36-inches wide and 23.6-inches deep, the table offers a compact workstation erstwhile abstraction is astatine a premium dissimilar bulkier models connected the market. 

The electrical lasting table accommodates a fig of tallness positionings from 28.7 up to 48.4 inches. The physics keypad allows radical to automatically rise oregon little the table arsenic desired oregon usage 1 of the 4 representation buttons to prevention preferred tallness settings.

The aboveground country offers capable abstraction for a laptop, secondary monitor, keyboard and mouse. However, those looking to usage larger multiscreen arrays whitethorn privation to see Victor technology's larger High Rise model.

$470 astatine Victor Technology

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter



This adjustable Flexispot standing table converter features an adjustable two-tiered design. The dual-platform array allows you to presumption a laptop oregon 2 monitors up apical portion the little tier accommodates a keyboard and rodent with plentifulness of country to spare. An easy-to-use clamp connected the broadside raises and lowers the portion to the desired tallness and a bid of rubberized grips on the bottommost clasp the portion firmly successful spot without scratching surfaces.

$100 astatine FlexiSpot

WorkEZ adjustable laptop stand


Image: Amazon

The WorkEZ adjustable laptop basal is simply a no-frills, fund enactment for those seeking a highly portable lasting table converter. The exemplary includes capable abstraction to accommodate a modular laptop and an adjustable aboveground connected the broadside offers a dedicated abstraction for radical who similar to usage an outer mouse. The operation features a multijoint physique and the apical sheet tilts to accommodate a fig of positions and viewing angles. As an added benefit, the apical basal besides includes a brace of fans to boost airflow and assistance chill devices during use.

$60 astatine Amazon

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