Terrorists become increasingly ‘innovative’, in a world shaken by COVID-19

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Despite “significant progress” in the fight against terrorism, the UN counter-terrorism chief warned connected Wednesday that amidst new and much diverse threats, COVID-19 has triggered increased activity throughout many countries.

Vladimir Voronkov, caput of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism (OCT), concluded the Second High-level Conference of Heads of Counter-Terrorism, by summing up four of the strategic challenges facing the world today. 

He underscored the request for “inclusive, forward-looking, evidence-based approaches to physique resilience”, successful the look of the ISIL bequest successful Iraq and Syria; terrorist threats successful Africa; tackling transnational risks sparked by assorted forms of intolerance; and the request to upgrade technology and know-how to antagonistic the scourge. 

Preparing for tomorrow 

Deliberations implicit the past fewer days person precocious the Secretary-General’s imaginativeness “to beforehand a networked planetary counter-terrorism response”, said Mr. Voronkov.   

However, helium added, while preparing for tomorrow’s threats, we also need to change traditional tactics. 

Noting that hatred code has go “pervasive and self-reinforcing done algorithms and online echo chambers”, he said that countering the dispersed of violent contented online “remains precocious connected the agenda”. 

Law and human rights 

Upholding the regularisation of instrumentality and quality rights is imperative for successful counter-terrorism efforts, helium said. 

“We indispensable sphere and support these cardinal values and operating principles portion we enactment unneurotic to forestall terrorists’ efforts to destabilize our Governments and societies”, stressed the OCT chief, saying that his bureau would integrate gender and quality rights policies into each of its programming. 

He besides maintained the request to proceed efforts to present tailored, cost-effective capacity-building measures to prolong impact, including done UN field-based programmes.  

Solidary serves everyone 

As galore Member States proceed to look terrible capableness challenges successful battling terrorism, Mr. Voronkov pointed retired that caller technologies are adding “a furniture of complexity”. 

He maintained that solidarity is successful everyone’s communal involvement and that the planetary assemblage cannot spend to permission immoderate state behind.  

“It is wide that a violent harmless haven anyplace is simply a menace everywhere”, spelled retired the OCT chief. 

‘Path-breaking’ results 

As the Organization readies itself to people the 15th day of the UN Global Counter-terrorism Strategy to heighten national, determination and planetary efforts, the UN authoritative said, “we should instrumentality comfortableness that this Counter-Terrorism Week has reinvigorated enactment for multilateralism”. 

He described some “path-breaking” outcomes to beryllium included successful an upcoming resolution, which included countering the usage of caller technologies for violent purposes; tackling attacks based connected racism and different forms of intolerance; and repatriating, reintegrating and rehabilitating children with links to overseas violent fighters. 

In closing, Mr. Voronkov reassured the Member States of the UN’s “leadership and to support” and looked guardant to the archetypal Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism scheduled for December, and for the third UN Counter-Terrorism Week in June 2023.

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