Tbilisi Pride march cancelled after violent anti-LGBT demonstrations

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By Euronews  •  Updated: 05/07/2021 - 14:38

The Pride March had been planned successful  the centre of the metropolis  connected  Monday.

LGBT activists successful Georgia person cancelled a Pride march successful the superior Tbilisi aft convulsive clashes up of the parade.

Violent groups stormed and ransacked the bureau of cheery rights campaigners connected Monday, Georgian authorities confirmed.

Activists posted photos and videos of radical breaking into the premises and immoderate journalists had reported that their instrumentality was breached successful the attack.

After scuffles betwixt anti-LGBT groups and the police, the organisers of the 2021 Pride said they would beryllium cancelling the event.

"The authorities did not guarantee the information of the assemblage and our supporters," a statement connected Facebook read.

"We tin not spell to the streets afloat of convulsive radical backed by the authorities and patriarchate and enactment people's lives astatine risk."

"War was declared against civilian nine and antiauthoritarian values."

Organisers said they had been "actively communicating" with the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs astir information up of the march.

"The actions of the authorities person intelligibly shown that they don't privation to execute its nonstop duty," organisers added.

"The inaction of the enforcement powerfulness has enactment the wellness and lives of Georgian citizens successful existent danger."

Campaigners besides called connected the planetary assemblage to reason "radical groups" and pro-Russian anti-LGBT voices successful Georgia.

Croatian constabulary person already detained respective radical implicit incidents during this weekend's Pride march successful the superior city, Zagreb.

In a post connected Facebook, the US Embassy successful Tbilisi said that they enactment the country's authorities successful "protecting the quality rights of each citizens".

"Georgia’s Constitution and laws warrant each national the close to equality and dignity and to freely make their personality, careless of their intersexual predisposition oregon sex identity," the station added.

"We enactment the state of each Georgians, including the LGBT+ community, to workout their rights to state of look and assembly successful a nonviolent manner."

In a statement connected Monday, the Georgian Interior Ministry said they had identified "various groups were gathering and protesting" successful Tbilisi.

"Some individuals gathered astatine the protestation connected Rustaveli Avenue carried retired convulsive acts towards the representatives of media and obstructed their nonrecreational activities."

"Due to the precocious nationalist interest, the Ministry of Internal Affairs would similar to clarify that behaviour of the last lawsuit of "Tbilisi Pride" contains risks regarding the information of persons progressive successful the event," they added.

Authorities said they had repeatedly called connected the organisers of Pride March 2021 not to clasp the lawsuit owed to "the standard of counter-demonstations planned by the opposing groups".

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs chiefly condemns hatred speech, including immoderate signifier of unit against members of the media," a second statement said.

"We telephone connected the citizens gathered successful the streets of the superior to support order, obey the lawful demands of the constabulary and protestation connected immoderate taxable wrong the law."

The ministry said constabulary would stay mobilised connected the streets and that an probe had been launched.

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