Survey: How does your company close its skills gap?

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Take this quick, aggregate prime survey and archer america however your institution uses exertion to adjacent its skills gap? We privation to know!


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As exertion evolves, the request for precocious skills volition lone increase, and businesses indispensable find ways to drawback up. 

TechRepublic contributor Esther Shein writes successful "Up to 12.5 cardinal Americans could conflict to find enactment successful 2030 owed to a increasing skills gap" that according to a associated report, "The Future of Jobs successful the Era of AI," released by Faethm and Boston Consulting Group, "there is simply a beardown request to redeploy, upskill oregon reskill people: In the U.S., for each six jobs that are being automated oregon augmented by caller technologies, 1 further occupation volition beryllium needed to develop, instrumentality and tally those caller technologies."

How are companies educating, retraining, oregon upskilling their workforce? TechRepublic Premium is doing a survey to find out. If you're acquainted with your company's strategy for worker learning and improvement we privation to perceive from you.

Take the Building a integer workforce survey

Do your employees person opportunities for retraining oregon upskilling? Has the coronavirus pandemic made the request for specified acquisition initiatives much important astatine your company?  What types of grooming oregon skills absorption has your institution offered? Take the Building a integer workforce survey and fto america know. 

The survey contains 15 aggregate prime questions, and should instrumentality little than 5 minutes to complete. Responses volition beryllium compiled successful an upcoming peculiar diagnostic report, which volition analyse technology's relation successful helping concern leaders physique the workforce of time and workers support their skills up to day and turn their careers.

Take the Building a integer workforce survey

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