Sonia Doe: The Trans Woman Improving New Jersey Prisons

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An unnamed prisoner, Sonia Doe, recently won a colony with the ACLU and the State of New Jersey. Her goal: information and extortion for different trans prisoners portion incarceration continues successful America.

Meet our client, Sonia Doe.

Sonia sued aft being housed successful men's prisons, contempt @NJ_DOC knowing that she's a woman.

"I was terrified I wouldn’t marque it retired alive,” she said.

This week, the colony of her suit resulted successful large argumentation reforms astatine @NJ_DOC.

— ACLU of New Jersey (@ACLUNJ) June 30, 2021

“Sonia Doe” is simply a trans pistillate imprisoned successful a New Jersey penitentiary. This week, she received $125,000 successful damages and attorneys fees.

“When I was forced to unrecorded successful men’s prisons, I was terrified I wouldn’t marque it retired alive,” Doe said successful a statement. “Those memories inactive haunt me.”

Doe reported intersexual violence, including harassment and assault. At 1 point, Doe stated that she was successful solitary confinement arsenic a punishment for her advocacy. This is simply a communal occurrence successful our existent system, particularly among privately-owned maximum and supermax prisons.

Today, solitary confinement causes hunger strikes, increases the chances of going to situation again, and more. 

What conservatives are saying.

This determination solidifies LGBT lodging based connected sex identity. Unfortunately, determination is already immoderate dense absorption to this change. Brandon Showalter of the Christian Post wrote astir “biological males” entering women’s facilities.

“This conscionable shows implicit and implicit again however women are not cared astir successful the justness system…What is the extremity crippled anyway? When volition this end? When women are being raped and getting large successful prison? Is that it? How overmuch much bash women person to accidental no?"@WhrcU

— Brandon M Showalter (@BrandonMShow) July 1, 2021

(He besides writes “misgendered” successful quotes, quoting the existent connection and aerial quoting the thought of misgendering. Today, I volition not provender into this fearmongering. Though it is worthy saying that straight, cis-het radical bash acquisition misgendering.)

The Bottom Line.

This isn’t to accidental that determination aren’t challenges to respecting sex and sexuality successful the United States. And it surely isn’t an effort astatine promoting imprisonment to rehabilitate.

However, New Jersey says that they volition location radical according to sex individuality due to the fact that protecting people similar Sonia Doe is critical. This according to a spokesperson speaking with NBC News.

“Anyone incarcerated nether NJDOC attraction whitethorn astatine immoderate clip supply accusation regarding their sex individuality to the NJDOC,” the spokesperson wrote. “Overall, the steps being taken enactment the important taste changes being made passim the Department.”

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