Satellite Stocks Rocket Amid Apple (AAPL) Speculation

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Satellite communications stocks rocketed higher Monday aft commentary surfaced implicit the play that Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) adjacent iPhone volition connection low-earth orbit (LEO) outer communications, allowing users to marque calls and nonstop messages without 4G oregon 5G cellular service.

Key Takeaways

  • TF International Securities expert Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple volition spouse with Globalstar (GSAT) to integrate outer services into its adjacent iPhone.
  • Globalstar shares person resumed their longer-term uptrend, rocketing to their highest adjacent since Feb. 17.
  • Iridium (IRDM) shares broke supra important overhead absorption astatine $43 connected above-average volume, opening the doorway for further short-term gains.

According to Mac and Apple-related quality website MacRumors, TF International Securities expert Ming-Chi Kuo told investors that helium thinks Apple's iPhone 13 volition usage a QUALCOMM Incorporated (QCOM) spot to let LEO outer communications. Speculation continues to equine that the $2.5 trillion tech elephantine volition integrate outer services successful its devices aft CEO Tim Cook reportedly prioritized the task backmost successful 2019.

Shares successful Globalstar, Inc. (GSAT), which the nonfiction reported is astir apt to spouse with Apple, and Iridium Communications Inc. (IRDM) posted respective gains of 64.34% and 15.41% yesterday aft Kuo's remarks. Both companies run much than 100 satellites successful LEO. Below, we instrumentality a person look astatine each banal and crook to the charts to constituent retired imaginable trading plays.

Globalstar, Inc. (GSAT)

Globalstar owns outer assets, providing its customers with communications services specified arsenic two-way dependable and information transmission. Earlier this year, the Louisiana-based institution inked a commercialized woody with Ceres Tag to proviso outer services to the livestock manufacture done a astute receptor tag for animal-specific enactment monitoring. In June, B. Riley initiated sum connected the banal with a "buy" standing and a $3.25 terms target. Analyst Mike Crawford said that the institution appeared undervalued by the market, fixed its caller comments astir yet realizing a instrumentality connected outer strategy and spectrum assets. Through Monday's close, the banal is trading astir 600% higher year to date but 38% beneath B. Riley's $3.25 target.

After dilatory retracing to the rising 200-day simple moving average (SMA) implicit the past 2 months, Globalstar shares resumed their longer-term uptrend Monday, rocketing to their highest adjacent since Feb. 17. Furthermore, dense measurement accompanied the move, expanding the liklihood of follow-through buying successful the days ahead. Those looking to capitalize connected the stock's bullish momentum should slope profits connected a retest of important multi-year resistance astir $4.45. Guard against a abrupt terms reversal by placing a stop-loss order nether yesterday's debased astatine $1.94.

Resistance, oregon a absorption level, is the level astatine which the terms of an plus meets unit connected its mode up by the emergence of a increasing fig of sellers who privation to merchantability astatine that price.

Iridium Communications Inc. (IRDM)

Iridium Communications provides mobile dependable and information communications services done LEOs to businesses, governments, and consumers. Following connected from a seven-year declaration signed with the U.S. Department of Defense successful 2019, the institution announced successful June that the U.S. Army awarded it a probe and improvement declaration worthy up to $30 cardinal to make a payload hosted connected satellites that enactment navigation systems for planetary positioning strategy (GPS) and GPS-denied precision systems. Last month, Morgan Stanley (MS) expert Landon Park commenced sum of Iridium banal with an "overweight" standing and a $50 terms target. Park sees the company's work gross increasing 10% to 2023, driven by merchandise launches, important stock summation opportunities, and secular tailwinds successful internet of things (IoT) solutions. He besides noted that free currency flow supports astir $2 cardinal successful stock buybacks by 2025.

Iridium shares broke supra important overhead absorption astatine $43 connected above-average measurement Monday, opening the doorway for further short-term gains. Active traders who bargain present should see placing a take-profit bid adjacent the stock's all-time high $54.50 level and halt beneath Monday's league debased astatine $43.20. This offers a favorable risk/reward ratio of conscionable implicit 1:2, assuming a fill astatine yesterday's $46.88 closing terms ($3.69 hazard per stock vs. $7.62 reward per share).

The risk/reward ratio marks the prospective reward investors tin gain for each dollar they hazard connected an investment. Many investors usage risk/reward ratios to comparison the expected returns of an concern with the magnitude of hazard they indispensable undertake to gain these returns.

Disclosure: The writer held nary positions successful the aforementioned securities astatine the clip of publication.

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