Richard Lewontin: Pioneering evolutionary biologist dies aged 92

3 weeks ago 11

By New Scientist

Richard Lewontin

Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard

Richard Lewontin, the geneticist and evolutionary biologist whose probe showed that humans from antithetic taste backgrounds aren’t arsenic genetically antithetic arsenic appearances mightiness suggest, has died astatine the property of 92.

Lewontin’s enactment revealed that astir 85 per cent of humanity’s familial diverseness is seen betwixt individuals of a azygous population, specified arsenic those of a azygous nation. A further 8 per cent occurs betwixt specified populations that mightiness person been enactment into the aforesaid radical category. Differences betwixt taste groups accounted for conscionable 7 per cent of familial diversity. Simply put: 2 radical are antithetic due to the fact that they are …

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