Razer Anzu Smart Glasses Review | Smart Enough For The Price Tag?

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I’ve ne'er been into the “smart glasses” thing. I’ve seen them, and been somewhat intrigued by them, but I ne'er saw them arsenic thing to beryllium ace excited about. Then I sat down and reviewed the Razer Anzu and present I recognize their unthinkable potential. With Bluetooth capability, microphone, and anti-blue airy protection, Razer’s newest foray into the acold reaches of the gaming-verse is not excessively shabby. Surprisingly, nary RGBs, either. 

How Do They Look and Feel? 

The word “smart glasses” pertains to technological capabilities. Smart glasses let users to link to extracurricular hardware, respond to definite commands, and person added app functionality. This tech is thing new, companies similar Amazon and Bose person released their ain versions, truthful however does Razer compare? Pretty nicely, arsenic agelong arsenic you negociate expectations. 

The Razer Anzu glasses look similar immoderate mean brace of thick-framed glasses. You tin take from a circular framework mentation and a much accepted rectangle design, some of which travel successful a assortment of antithetic sizes to guarantee the close fit. The Anzu looks akin to the Amazon Frames, wherever the chunky arms are utilized to location the astute tech. 

One brace of Anzus comes with 2 antithetic charging ports, 1 for each limb of the frame. They’re a small bigger than I expected, but amazingly not arsenic weighty arsenic they look, which is bully for semipermanent comfort. 

If they acceptable my large dome piece, they'll acceptable yours.

How To Set Them Up 

When mounting up the glasses and the interaction controls, determination are 2 things to consider. You tin brace the glasses with a telephone oregon gaming computer, and you tin set definite settings with the Razer app. Pairing the glasses with a instrumentality is easy. The Bluetooth pairs similar thing other arsenic agelong arsenic you marque definite you unfastened the arms to activate Pairing mode. To disconnect them from a tethered device, simply adjacent the arms. 

If you don’t privation to bash that and are ace attached to the Razer app, you could sync up to Bluetooth that way, but I recovered it to beryllium much analyzable than needfully worthy it. My glasses would sometimes neglect to brace correctly done the app, truthful I conscionable paired my glasses done my machine and smartphone settings and I would urge anyone that has a brace to bash the same. 


I didn’t emotion the Anzus’ functionality. The Amazon Frames’ arms person raised buttons that let users to tinker with definite settings, similar volume. The Razer Anzu does not person thing similar this. Instead, they utilize a tiny interaction panel, which isn’t the champion successful presumption of functional power implicit the settings and limiting successful presumption of accessibility. I’m assuming this was designed with a futuristic aesthetic successful mind, arsenic good arsenic a mode to disagree from the competition, but that prime made maine consciousness little successful power implicit the settings. I conflict with MS, and I don’t person immoderate feeling successful my fingers, truthful touch-reliant controls are a small tricky. The information that these controls are connected my look (and truthful retired of sight) exacerbated the issue. Even worse, the Anzu interaction controls don’t ever enactment the mode they are expected to. 

The mobile app has 1 large feature, a tutorial that helps you larn the antithetic ways to usage the Anzus, including motion commands, info connected the interaction panels, and however to usage definite features. This diagnostic helped maine spot the antithetic ways I could pass with the glasses and marque them bash what I needed them to do, specified arsenic making a telephone to idiosyncratic oregon giving the small AI adjunct a bid to look thing up for me. One connection of caution, however, is that you shouldn’t perceive to the directions erstwhile it says to “tap.” The controls, astatine slightest successful my experience, bash not respond to a casual interaction arsenic represented successful the tutorial, instead, a steadfast property is required. So erstwhile it tells you to treble “tap” the panel, cognize that their explanation of “tap” is simply a small antithetic than astir and that a speedy property won’t get the occupation done. 

How Do They Sound?

Through the Razer app, determination are a mates antithetic EQ presets. These are basal presets, and thing special, particularly erstwhile listening to euphony oregon gaming. The Treble Boost helped a batch erstwhile listening to music, but I consciousness that the prime could usage a small improvement. That said, erstwhile I was listening to the Game Informer Show (plug, plug, plug), the antithetic settings impacted the audio prime overmuch much than they did with much analyzable dependable experiences successful presumption of making the dependable much wide and with a small much interaction (though inactive lacking successful thing bass-related). 

I noticed a tiny dependable bleed, arsenic well. Below the 50 percent marker, I had nary issue, adjacent erstwhile gaming. Anything supra that, however, the radical successful my Discord oregon Zoom gathering mentioned that they could perceive immoderate audio leaking connected their side.

I played a fewer antithetic games utilizing the glasses; from Destiny 2 to Dragon Age to Dead by Daylight, and I got the frantic dependable chat of my squad to travel through. The audio sounded alright. I don’t expect the high-level prime of over-the-ear headphones, truthful the prime felt appropriate. 

How is the Game Mode? 

Anzu’s Game Mode produces low-latency audio. According to Razer, the Anzu glasses utilize an “industry-leading 60ms” Bluetooth transportation to guarantee prime performance. I utilized these for antithetic games to “stress test” astatine antithetic levels. Without Game Mode active, I noticed a definite lag successful the audio. With Game Mode on, however, determination was a noticeable difference, but I inactive heard a small spot of a hold regardless, which goes against the claims that the audio acquisition volition stay “stutter-free.” 

Blue Light Compatible 

As a games writer, I americium ever successful beforehand of a computer. When I’m not astatine work, I’m inactive astatine that aforesaid machine playing games. It’s a vicious rhythm of screentime, but wholly worthy it. This each means that bluish airy extortion is important to me. 

Over the years, blue-light blocking glasses person go each the rage, and for bully reason! Whether you're connected a machine each of the clip for work, oregon similar to chill retired successful beforehand of a gaming PC oregon console, the bluish airy successful mundane screens tin truly bash a fig connected our eyes. Migraines, imaginativeness impairment distortion, slumber disruption – adjacent seizures, the database of harmful broadside effects of the screens successful our lives goes connected and on. As idiosyncratic who experiences seizures from clip to time, I ever guarantee my eyewear has bluish airy technology. 

The Anzu glasses travel with a 35 percent filter, which sounds debased but is really truly good. For those who privation these for the further bluish airy extortion but are disquieted they are excessively clunky for your medicine glasses, Razer promises that the Anzu is compatible with each prescription. That means you tin instrumentality a brace to your oculus doc to get corrective lenses enactment in. You tin besides spell to this nexus to get 15 percent disconnected lenses done Lensable.

The polarized lenses besides connection 99 percent UVA/UVB protection, an added attachment that comes successful the container for those connected the go. That level of extortion besides immunodeficiency against oculus strain.

How is the Battery?

Battery beingness successful the Razer Anzu is the champion retired of immoderate astute glasses we’ve tested truthful far, boasting anyplace betwixt 4 to 5 hours of undisrupted use. The lowest clip I clocked erstwhile wearing these with continuous usage was conscionable shy of 4 hours, and that was with perpetually playing with the settings, connecting and reconnecting, and assorted accent tests – without intermission – with antithetic audio sources. 

The Good, the Bad, the “Are They Worth It?” 

Overall, I deliberation that this is simply a coagulated portion of hardware. Though I privation they would reconsider the interaction paneling and would fine-tune the audio range, I person been truly enjoying my clip with a brace of Anzus. They are comfortable, I similar the antithetic size options, and they enactment however I expected them to work. 

If Razer tin optimize the interaction controls and the motion settings, and marque the Gaming Mode a small much viable, I deliberation this could beryllium a pugnacious portion of tech to beat. If interested, you tin effort retired a brace for yourself close here for $199.99

Oh, and those dope RGBs, man. Come on, you’re Razer, however tin you not person that arsenic an option?

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