Priti Patel set to propose new Ascension Island reception centre for UK asylum seekers

3 weeks ago 12

UK Ministers are expected to uncover proposals of a caller instrumentality that could commencement to pave the mode for the instauration of offshore centres for asylum seekers connected the British overseas territory of Ascension Island.

Right successful the mediate of the Atlantic Ocean, Ascension is astir 7,000 kilometres distant from the British Isles. The British Home Secretary Priti Patel has said determination would beryllium transgression charges for migrants "knowingly" arriving successful the UK without permission.

She besides said it was portion of her ngo to ace down connected “vile criminals” moving smuggling operations crossed the English channel. If these laws are passed, people-smuggling could pull tougher sentencing up to beingness imprisonment.

Dubbed 'The Nationality and Borders' bill, it has been described by the Home Office arsenic containing “the astir extremist changes to the breached asylum strategy successful decades” making it harder for those who participate illegally to enactment successful the UK.

But critics accidental the caller authorities could spot thousands of refugees turned distant from Britain with susceptible migrants criminalised for seeking a amended life.

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