Play God Of War On PC Starting Today If You Have PlayStation Now

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When Santa Monica Studios' God of War came retired connected the PlayStation 4 backmost successful 2018, it was instantly a monolithic hit. The assemblage adored the storyline, seeing Kratos successful his relation arsenic a father, and learning much astir this satellite from a antithetic perspective. For those hoping to instrumentality to God of War connected PC, you technically tin present — starting contiguous — arsenic agelong arsenic you person PlayStation Now. 

2018's God of War took what David Jaffe created backmost successful 2005 into antithetic waters, waters that felt comfy and enticing astatine the aforesaid time. The communicative of Kratos and his lad Atreus was 1 that felt meaningful each measurement of the way, and the combat challenges each felt unsocial and purposeful starring up to the game's conclusion. With the sequel successful the works, a sequel that has been pushed backmost a small bit to guarantee its prime reaches that of the vision, galore eyes are connected wherever God of War volition spell next. To walk the time, revisit the revitalized introduction erstwhile much successful a antithetic format; connected PC. 

What is PlayStation Now? 

For those that whitethorn not person PlayStation Now and whitethorn beryllium a small confused astir what it adjacent is, it's a subscription work that Sony has offered for a while, 1 that allows players to play their favourite games connected PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and connected PC. The room continues to grow, with the latest summation being nary different than Santa Monica's latest treasure. 

It's beauteous straightforward connected however to articulation the service; it tin beryllium done connected your console done the PlayStation Store oregon connected your PC. To get started, you'll request a PlayStation Network relationship with up-to-date outgo information, a DualSense oregon DualShock 4 wireless controller (with USB, if connected PC), an progressive PS Now sub (or a escaped seven-day trial, conscionable retrieve to cancel it earlier that week runs out, truthful you don't get auto-charged), and a dependable broadband connection. The work itself costs $9.99 for the modular version, which is the same terms arsenic Xbox Game Pass, oregon you tin opt into paying $24.99 for a three-month play oregon $59.99 for the full year. There is besides a escaped proceedings play for PS Now arsenic well; conscionable retrieve the proposal astir the PS Plus proceedings play and auto-renewals. 

Our erstwhile caput of online, Joe Juba, loved his clip with the game, scoring it an awesome 9.75 retired of 10. You tin read his afloat reappraisal close here, with a tiny blurb below: 

Years ago, Kratos killed the deities of Mount Olympus successful a gory rampage. Now, successful the Norse realm, helium has remade himself into a antithetic benignant of god. He is quieter and much deliberate, affected by his past but not constrained by it. Kratos’ reinvention serves arsenic a communicative hook, but it besides parallels the series’ improvement arsenic a whole; wherever God of War erstwhile relied connected bombast and bloodlust, present it leaves abstraction for strategy and nuance. It inactive has superb enactment and plentifulness of jaw-dropping moments, but it supports them with a caller level of extent and maturity. God of War learns from its past portion clearing an breathtaking way for the aboriginal and emerges arsenic 1 of the champion games of this generation.

God of War arrives connected PC for PlayStation Now members today. 

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