OlliOlli World Feels Like A Fresh Start For The Series

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There tends to beryllium 2 schools of gameplay erstwhile it comes to skateboarding games: the arcadieness of the Tony Hawk bid and its ilk, and the much technically-focused simulations of the Skate bid and the games it inspired. While I'm definite determination are plentifulness of radical who bask both, I thin to spot it arsenic 1 oregon the other; you either similar the over-the-topness of intolerable combos successful Tony Hawk, oregon challenging yourself with next-to-real lines successful Skate. I overmuch similar the former. 

For 2 games now, the OlliOlli bid has fallen much in-line with the latter, being a 2D instrumentality connected the simulation skateboarding genre. And for what it's worth, this has worked outstandingly for developer Roll7, which not lone received acclaim for its enactment sports games, but adjacent won a prestigious BAFTA successful 2015 for the archetypal OlliOlli. 

But if you're similar me, playing OlliOlli and its sequel tin consciousness inscrutable. Even successful their earliest sections, speech from teaching you the basics of controls, the games often consciousness arsenic though they are conscionable cutting you escaped to fig it retired yourself. If that's a struggle, excessively bad, truthful sad. You volition beryllium punished for your mistakes. 

Roll7 isn't unsighted to this fact. 

"OlliOlli 2, if you miss a landing, we punish you 3 antithetic ways," Roll7 CCO John Ribbins tells Game Informer. "You suffer your speed, you get a crappy animation, and you suffer your score. I deliberation we conscionable thought, 'That's truthful harsh.'" 

The adjacent crippled successful the OlliOlli series, OlliOlli World, hopes to little the obstruction to introduction for the series. While the developer says it isn't needfully removing the accomplishment ceiling – fans of the archetypal 2 games volition inactive find heavy systems and tricks to cleanable – simply booting the crippled up and having amusive has been made acold much approachable successful World. 

We precocious had a accidental to spell hands-on with OlliOlli World and enactment this to the test. For the astir part, Roll7 is spot-on. Within minutes, I was capable to statesman gathering my combos, implementing caller tricks and mechanics, and I didn't consciousness arsenic if the crippled was taking each accidental it could to punish me. After a fewer hours with the game, I was besting idiosyncratic high-scores and pulling disconnected much and much analyzable instrumentality lines arsenic my cognition of levels grew. 

I don't uncertainty this volition initially crook disconnected immoderate of the much hardcore OlliOlli fans, but for me, who ne'er truly clicked with the archetypal 2 games, I felt it was instantly satisfying to grasp what the crippled was asking of maine and acold much amusive and absorbing to propulsion of chill tricks alternatively of banging my caput against a near-vertical skill curve. 

"While we don't privation to get escaped of that, we privation to supply players with much abstraction successful the crippled to really conscionable cruise astir and bask feeling a spot much skillful," says Roll7 co-CEO Simon Bennett. 

"Like a badass," Ribbins rapidly follows up. 

OlliOlli World's ocular palette has besides received a implicit makeover. Where its predecessors utilized a 2D sprite-based look, World goes for a cel-shaded, cartoony aesthetic that's altogether much absorbing and fun. The game's antithetic levels besides payment from this overhaul, featuring a assortment of antithetic backdrops to effort and drawback a glimpse of arsenic you skate by. 

OlliOlli World

The past large alteration World brings to the bid is simply a story. The crippled tells the communicative of an land called Radlandia, which is governed by, arsenic Ribbins puts it, "skate gods who are masters of the assorted elements of skateboarding." As the subordinate character, you'll question astir Radlandia with a radical of locals connected a roadworthy travel – inspired successful portion by aged skate videos and the team's ain experiences – trying to maestro the gods' antithetic skills. 

It's a goofy premise, but 1 that conveniently gives meaning down the game's level design. Which, alternatively than conscionable beryllium a bid of rails and stairs, incentives utilizing the geometry to research the antithetic areas of Radlandia. Instead of 1 linear way to skate down, World volition person galore antithetic paths wrong a level to explore. Rewards, side-quests, and alternate paths tin each beryllium recovered done exploration.

While I didn't get excessively overmuch clip with the game's wide communicative (which, if I had to guess, is airy astatine best), it didn't bash overmuch for me. If anything, I recovered each secondary quality to beryllium a grating caricature of antithetic skate archetypes; cartoon versions of what's "cool" you mightiness find connected the bottommost of a Wal-Mart skateboard deck. Luckily, it's casual to skip the game's dialogue. 

Roll7 hasn't announced a definitive merchandise day yet for OlliOlli World, but it's expected to beryllium released successful the winter. Based connected my clip with the game, I'm excited to play more. At a basal level, it's a good-feeling game, but I'm besides funny successful seeing however its approachableness lends itself to the harder levels and however my ain skillsets accommodate to that accomplishment curve. 

OlliOlli World volition beryllium released connected PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC.

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