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South Louisiana braced for a period without energy and reliable h2o supplies in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, 1 of the astir almighty storms ever to deed the US Gulf Coast, arsenic radical faced suffocating vigor and humidity, write Devika Krishna Kumar, Nathan Layne, Devikda Krishna Kumar successful New Orleans, Peter Szekely successful New York, Nathan Layne successful Wilton, Connecticut, Barbara Goldberg successful Maplewood, New Jersey, Maria Caspani successful New York and Kanishka Singh successful Bengaluru, Maria Caspani and Daniel Trotta.

The tempest killed astatine slightest 4 people, officials said, a toll that mightiness person been overmuch larger if not for a fortified levee strategy built astir New Orleans aft the devastation of Hurricane Katrina 16 years ago.

(Graphic of Hurricane Ida hitting Gulf Coast)

By aboriginal Tuesday, astir 1.3 cardinal customers were without powerfulness 48 hours aft the tempest made landfall, astir of them successful Louisiana, said PowerOutage, which gathers information from U.S. inferior companies.

Officials were incapable to implicit a afloat harm appraisal due to the fact that downed trees clogged roads, said Deanne Criswell, main of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Compounding the suffering, the vigor scale successful overmuch of Louisiana and Mississippi reached 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius), the National Weather Service said.

"We each privation air-conditioning ... Even if you person a generator, aft truthful galore days they fail," said Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

"Nobody is satisfied" with the estimation that powerfulness mightiness not beryllium restored for 30 days, helium added, expressing anticipation that the 20,000 enactment workers successful the authorities and thousands much en way could decorativeness sooner.

President Joe Biden offered national assistance successful restoring powerfulness during a telephone with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and the chiefs of 2 of the Gulf Coast's largest utilities, Entergy (ETR.N) and Southern Co (SO.N), the White House said.

At Ochsner St. Anne Hospital southwest of New Orleans, 6,000-gallon tanker trucks pumped substance and h2o into tanks to support its air-conditioning running. The aesculapian halfway closed to each but a fewer exigency patients.

New Orleans' restaurants, galore unopen up of the storm, besides look an uncertain aboriginal due to the fact that of a deficiency of energy and facilities, reviving memories of the difficulties that plagued businesses for weeks successful the aftermath of Katrina.

"This is decidedly feeling similar Katrina," said Lisa Blount, a spokesperson for the city's oldest eatery, Antoine's, which is simply a landmark successful the French Quarter. "To perceive the powerfulness is perchance retired for 2 to 3 weeks, that is devastating."

Even the powerfulness generators were hazardous. Nine radical successful St. Tammany Parish northeast of New Orleans were taken to infirmary for c monoxide poisoning from a gas-fueled generator, media said.

A antheral   walks past   a damaged electrical  enactment     successful  a thoroughfare  aft  Hurricane Ida made landfall successful  Louisiana, successful  New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. August 30, 2021. REUTERS/Marco Bello
A destroyed car   is seen nether  the debris of a gathering  aft  Hurricane Ida made landfall successful  Louisiana, U.S., August 31, 2021. REUTERS/Marco Bello

Roughly 440,000 radical successful Jefferson Parish southbound of New Orleans whitethorn beryllium without energy for a period oregon much aft inferior poles toppled, Councilman Deano Bonano said, citing comments by powerfulness officials.

"The harm from this is acold worse than Katrina, from a upwind standpoint," Bonano said successful a telephone interview.

Among the 4 dormant were 2 killed successful the illness of a southeastern Mississippi road that critically injured 10 more. One antheral died attempting to thrust done precocious h2o successful New Orleans and different erstwhile a histrion fell connected a Baton Rouge home.

Swampy areas southbound of New Orleans took the brunt of the storm. High waters yet receded from the road to Port Fourchon, Louisiana's southernmost port, leaving a way of dormant fish. Seagulls swarmed the road to devour them.

Port Fourchon suffered extended damage, with immoderate roads inactive blocked. Officials were lone letting done exigency responders to Grand Isle, a obstruction land successful the Gulf of Mexico. It could instrumentality weeks for roads to beryllium cleared, they said.

A enactment of cars stretched astatine slightest a mile from a state presumption stocked with substance successful Mathews, a assemblage successful Lafourche parish.

More than fractional the residents of Jefferson Parish rode retired the tempest astatine home, Bonano said, and galore were near with nothing.

"There are nary market stores open, nary state stations open. So they person nothing," helium said.

The weakened remnants of the tempest dumped dense rainfall successful neighboring Mississippi arsenic it traveled toward Alabama and Tennessee. Heavy rainfall and flash flooding were imaginable connected Wednesday (1 September) successful the mid-Atlantic portion and confederate New England, forecasters said.

Sheriff's deputies successful St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana were investigating the disappearance of a 71-year-old antheral aft an evident alligator onslaught successful the flood waters.

The man's woman told authorities that she saw a ample alligator onslaught her hubby connected Monday successful the tiny assemblage of Avery Estates, astir 35 miles (55 km) northeast of New Orleans. She stopped the onslaught and pulled her hubby from the water.

His injuries were severe, truthful she took a tiny vessel to get help, lone to find her hubby gone erstwhile she returned, the sheriff's bureau said successful a statement.

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