New Report Reveals Many Ubisoft Employees Unhappy With How Leadership Handled 'Me Too'

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Summer 2020 marked a monolithic displacement successful the gaming industry, peculiarly those who person suffered sexual misconduct and abusive leadership when the #MeToo question deed Ubisoft hard. After galore reports surfaced regarding abuse, misconduct, and powerfulness corruption starring to respective high-profile execs being fired, the investigations into the underbelly of this studio's civilization continue. Investigations revealed that implicit 25 percent of employees experienced, oregon witnessed, workplace misconduct. While respective notable enforcement roles became vacant owed to these investigations, including Ashraf Ismail, Tommy Francois, and Maxime Beland, a caller study shares that galore employees consciousness unheard aft galore managers that were reported for misconduct stay successful their enactment positions. 

Earlier today, we covered a study from Bloomberg about Assassin's Creed Infinity, a codename for the upcoming introduction successful the franchise that will beryllium a live-service game. Shortly after, Ubisoft itself confirmed the study -- astatine slightest the portion astir the caller crippled being successful improvement and the imaginativeness for the bid undergoing different shift. Another portion of the report, however, includes the continued rhythm of the enactment civilization astatine Ubisoft. 

The adjacent Assassin's Creed crippled is truthful ample that the Quebec and Montreal studios are pooling unneurotic to enactment much intimately than ever earlier for a much "collaborative" acquisition processing Infinity. This displacement reportedly has galore employees feeling frustrated and tense astir the future, particularly fixed that caller teams are being led by managers that had a berth of accusations against them, yet stay successful their situated roles. "People acquainted with the matter," told Bloomberg that the caller moves person kicked up the request for employees to talk up erstwhile more, causing the interior connection committee for said devs to aerial their concerns to go flooded with disappointment implicit however allegations were handled. 

The study besides details the French national Solidaires Informatique reported that 3 Ubisoft Montreal managers were accused of "harassment oregon toxic behavior" arsenic good arsenic reports of overt racism and sexism, with an HR section that has reportedly not done thing of worth successful response. The Ubisoft spokesperson that Bloomberg spoke with refused to remark connected circumstantial reported cases but did add: “Any worker that had allegations and remains astatine Ubisoft has had their lawsuit rigorously reviewed by a 3rd enactment and were either exonerated oregon underwent due disciplinary actions,” she said. “Employees who person been nether probe would not stay astatine Ubisoft if results of investigations warranted termination.”

It was besides revealed that increasing unrest had caused a rising fig of employees successful the Montreal workplace to permission to prosecute different games nether antithetic companies due to the fact that they are "tired of moving connected monolithic productions" and that Assassin's Creed Infinity's ambitions proved much than they were consenting to proceed doing. Here, it is important to retrieve that radical permission jobs each of the time. Whether this is due to the fact that of a feeling of needing more, needing thing different, oregon nary longer fitting with the ngo connection and imaginativeness astatine their existent occupation, with immoderate reportedly leaving owed to the scope of Infinity, that's not needfully indicative of what fans tin expect. We won't cognize that until we spot an existent uncover with a discourse for that vision. 

[Source: Bloomberg]

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