New PlayStation State Of Play For July 2021 Announced, No God Of War 2 News Confirmed

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Sony has conscionable announced that a marque caller PlayStation State of Play is connected the mode aboriginal this week for July 2021. This Thursday, PlayStation fans tin look guardant to a fewer antithetic announcements arsenic good arsenic a deeper dive into Deathloop's gameplay earlier Arkane's caller release hits. 

The upcoming State of Play is acceptable for July 8 astatine 2 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Eastern. The showcase is expected to past astir 30 minutes agelong and volition see 9 minutes of caller Deathloop footage, a crippled we extensively dove into with our erstwhile screen story. Also included volition beryllium a lineup of indie titles that are connected their way, arsenic good arsenic much quality connected upcoming third-party adventures, arsenic well. 

Sony was besides cautious to temper expectations, letting funny fans cognize that no, determination volition beryllium nary caller God of War 2 accusation revealed and that determination volition beryllium thing to stock connected Horizon Forbidden West. The institution besides confirmed that PSVR 2, this generation's iteration of VR connected the PlayStation platform, volition not beryllium contiguous either, though Sony did adhd that it volition person "more updates soon" regarding the aforementioned properties passim the Summer. 

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I'm funny successful seeing much of Deathloop, the latest crippled from Arkane Lyon. Everything we've seen frankincense acold has been exciting, violent, and epicly fast-paced. Knowing that we are getting 9 much minutes of gameplay footage is large for those that whitethorn inactive beryllium connected the obstruction astir the caller IP connected the horizon. 

It besides makes consciousness that Sony isn't sharing much connected Horizon Forbidden West astatine this clip fixed the extended showcase we had not excessively agelong ago. If you missed retired the deepest of heavy dives into Aloy's newest adventure, you tin check retired our erstwhile sum here to spot her backmost successful action. 

Are you excited for July's PlayStation State of Play? What benignant of indie oregon third-party announcements are you hoping to spot astatine the latest showcase? Sound disconnected with each of those hopes and dreams successful the remark conception below! 

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