New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Puts The Antivan Crows Front And Center

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In airy of the quality that determination volition beryllium thing shown of Dragon Age 4 oregon the caller Mass Effect astatine this year's EA Play, enforcement producer Christian Dailey decided to stock a small dainty to assistance tide fans over. While not a trailer, the Dragon Age 4 conception creation does enactment the Crows backmost successful the spotlight. 

The Crows hail from the beauteous parent state of Antiva (I anticipation you work that successful Zevran's voice, if not - I americium disappointed and I conscionable wanted you to cognize that). We archetypal learned astir them successful Dragon Age Origins with our lovable assassin-turned-companion Zevran Arainai. Zevran was a Crow earlier helium failed to instrumentality retired his mark: the Warden, us. He yet tin go a adjacent friend, adjacent a lover, and a staple that reemerged successful Dragon Age II with a tiny broadside quest, and past again successful Inquisition arsenic a War Table mission. Previous conception creation shown has many, including myself, convinced that he'll beryllium backmost erstwhile more, and not arsenic text, successful Dragon Age 4, but earlier we spell into that, take a look astatine the latest conception creation shared below: 

Hi Friends – atrocious for nary EA Play quality this twelvemonth but delight cognize that the squad is heads down with a batch of momentum and making large progress. We are excited to stock much erstwhile the clip is right. Please enactment harmless and person a large weekend! @SerGoldman @dragonage

— Christian Dailey (@ChristianDailey) July 2, 2021

The supra tweet reads, "Hi, friends - atrocious for nary EA Play quality this twelvemonth but delight cognize that the squad is heads-down with a batch of momentum and making progress. We are excited to stock much erstwhile the clip is right." A bully motion to see the conception art, but present my conspiracy mentation encephalon is going to beryllium nuts each weekend. I've already shared astir however I'm beauteous definite we're getting a Mortalitasi companion from Navarra and however I deliberation Solas is liable for Red Lyrium, present I tin already archer my caput is bracing to spell all-in connected brushing up connected Crow lore. Could beryllium worse ways to walk a weekend. But what astir that Zevran motion I mentioned? Let's dive in, shall we? 

First, let's look astatine conception creation for Zevran, authoritative creation straight from BioWare. Note the cowl, the greeves, and the signifier of the draped cloak? His rapier? Good, support that successful mind: 

Art from Matt Rhodes, who worked connected the Dragon Age games

Ignoring conscionable however badass helium looks, let's comparison that to the beneath image, which is authoritative conception creation that was portion of the Dragon Age 4 uncover during The Game Awards: 


A Crow tin beryllium seen sneaking up connected an unsuspecting contact

You can't contradict that the cogwheel is the same, truthful it's evidently a Crow, but is it our Crow? That remains to beryllium seen, particularly seeing that we lone get a bare hint of their thorax and tegument tone. No facial features oregon acquainted tattoos tin beryllium seen, but it does look to beryllium a antheral quality that is flimsy successful nature. Slight similar an elf, perhaps? Obviously, this is each conscionable conjecture astatine this constituent but I bash cognize that this is simply a beauteous communal statement among the Dragon Age community. Maybe if we anticipation hard enough, we'll spot him again. 

If you look at my previous analysis of the Mortalitasi and its relation with Dragon Age 4, the anticipation of Zevran's instrumentality is really a batch higher than galore mightiness think, particularly fixed that it looks similar we whitethorn person that aforementioned Mortalitasi companion. Given that this necromancy-focused radical of high-ranking mages are the Nevarran elite and person heavy roots with Antiva and Tevinter alike, it looks similar Solas' betrayal whitethorn beryllium the slightest of our concerns. 

I deliberation it's large that BioWare is being truthful transparent with their communications. While some Dragon Age 4 and the adjacent Mass Effect person been revealed with teaser trailers, some projects are inactive excessively aboriginal successful improvement to person thing important to share. Letting fans cognize that some are successful the works is good, but making definite that from that constituent connected is tempered with managed expectations and honesty is key. That's precisely what this squad is doing, particularly up of large E3-adjacent events similar EA Play. 

Thoughts connected the latest Dragon Age 4 conception art? How does this tinfoil chapeau look connected me? Think that's Zevran oregon bash I request to spell drawback immoderate Zzzzz's? Sound disconnected successful the remark conception below, our Warden would privation you to. 

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