New digital resource launched to support health, social care and industry innovation

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Achieving Innovation is simply a caller assets developed by Life Sciences Hub Wales to pass and usher those moving crossed industry, wellness and societal attraction innovation. It summarises cardinal research, provides captious insights and delivers caller perspectives from cross-sector thought leaders.

This caller integer assets reviews the wealthiness of cognition disposable astir innovation successful wellness and societal attraction to equip those who request it with the astir applicable and important information. Life Sciences Hub Wales has worked intimately with contributors spanning health, industry, academia and societal attraction providing input.

Innovation is perceived by galore stakeholders arsenic indispensable for catalysing system-wide alteration and making a quality to patients and people. A caller survey commissioned by Life Sciences Hub Wales for Beaufort Research recovered that 97% of wellness and societal attraction regarded innovation arsenic being precise important, alongside 91% of industry.

However, barriers tin marque innovation much difficult, including a deficiency of communal language, resources, and cross-sector engagement. Life Sciences Hub Wales has created the Achieving Innovation assets to assistance code these challenges, identifying evidence-based solutions and answers to assistance navigate the innovation ecosystem and futureproof our wellness and societal attraction systems.

The assets is acceptable to beryllium regularly updated with caller material, and launches with a:

Cari-Anne Quinn, CEO of Life Sciences Hub Wales, said: “This caller assets tin play a cardinal relation successful helping stakeholders of each backgrounds navigate the wellness and societal attraction ecosystems successful Wales and beyond. Innovators clasp the cardinal to large-scale translation of health, attraction and wellbeing successful Wales and this assets volition enactment them successful achieving this.”

Minister for Health and Social Services, Eluned Morgan, said: “Innovation plays a captious relation successful supporting our wellness and societal attraction sectors successful Wales to present caller ideas and technologies successful concern with industry. I invited Life Sciences Hub Wales caller ‘Achieving Innovation’ assets arsenic a cardinal instrumentality for innovators who are moving to flooded existent challenges and grasp breathtaking caller opportunities. When we established and funded Life Science Hub Wales, innovation was astatine the bosom of its ethos - this ethos has played a cardinal relation successful our betterment and effect to the interaction of COVID-19.”

Dr. Chris Subbe, Acute, Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Consultant astatine Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and Senior Clinical Lecturer astatine Bangor University, said: “I was delighted to lend to the Achieving Innovation assets by exploring the value of making innovation an mundane habit.

In this clip of exceptional pressures connected our quality to supply prime attraction we request to find ways to make endowment and ideas from wherever they come. This caller assets should empower multidisciplinary innovators from manufacture and healthcare backgrounds with the information, discourse and connection required.”

Darren Hughes, Director of Welsh NHS Confederation, said: “We invited the caller Achieving Innovation assets from Life Sciences Hub Wales, arsenic we person seen the interaction of innovation and work translation successful effect to the Covid-19 pandemic. The assets supports a deeper knowing of innovation and complements our multi-agency study prepared by Swansea University, The NHS Wales COVID-19 Innovation and Transformation Study Report, which draws from a immense evidence-base of unit experiences from crossed NHS Wales, examining wherefore and however they innovated and looking astatine applicable recommendations to further this agenda.

“As we embark connected recovery, it’s imperative that we capitalize connected accidental to amended work delivery, efficiency, diligent outcomes, unit wellbeing, and promote a civilization of learning and sharing champion signifier crossed organisational boundaries.”

The assets comes astatine an breathtaking clip for innovation successful Wales, with the motorboat of the Intensive Learning Academies earlier successful 2021. The archetypal of their benignant successful the world, these world-leading academies are delivering innovation-focussed taught courses, probe and bespoke consultancy services, with Life Sciences Hub Wales supporting applicable partners.

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About Life Sciences Hub Wales

Life Sciences Hub Wales aims to marque Wales the spot of prime for health, attraction and wellbeing innovation. We assistance to beforehand innovation and make meaningful collaboration betwixt industry, health, societal care, government, and probe organisations.

We privation to assistance alteration some the wellness and economical wellbeing of the nation:

  • Accelerating the improvement and adoption of innovative solutions that enactment the wellness and societal attraction needs of Wales, and;
  • partnering with manufacture to beforehand economical betterment crossed the beingness sciences assemblage and thrust concern maturation and jobs successful Wales.

We bash this by moving intimately with wellness and societal attraction colleagues to recognize the challenges and pressures an enactment whitethorn face. Once identified, we past enactment with manufacture to assistance root and enactment the improvement of innovative solutions to respond to these challenges with agility.

Our squad provides bespoke advice, signposting and enactment to accelerate each innovation journeys, whether supporting a clinician with a agleam thought oregon a multinational beingness sciences organisation.

Life Sciences Hub Wales helps to catalyse system-wide alteration by convening and orchestrating a cross-sector innovation ecosystem. These connections alteration america to make invaluable networking and matchmaking opportunities.

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About the Achieving Innovation resource

The assets launches with:

  • Eight Insights for Achieving Innovation- nonfiction collating cardinal insights and themes from crossed the resource.
  • Directory summarizing enactment and organisations disposable successful Wales.
  • A narrative review of innovation grounds and literature.
  • A policy review of the Welsh government’s attack to innovation.
  • Blogs authored by leaders from crossed health, manufacture and societal attraction focussing connected innovation.
  • Podcasts wherever thought leaders sermon the challenges and opportunities of innovation.

Survey Reference:

A caller survey commissioned by Life Sciences Hub Wales for Beaufort Research recovered that 97% of wellness and societal attraction regarded innovation arsenic being precise important, alongside 91% of industry.”

Beaufort Research were commissioned by Life Sciences Hub Wales to behaviour an anonymous survey into cross-sector stakeholder perceptions astir the organisation and the wider beingness sciences assemblage successful aboriginal 2021. This was undertaken to assistance pass Life Sciences Hub Wales’ aboriginal strategical direction.

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