MEPs raise concern over Janša’s failure to appoint prosecutors to EPPO and attacks on the media

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The Slovenian presidency got disconnected to a bumpy start. Slovenian PM Janez Janša, described by Italian writer David Carreta arsenic ‘Marshall Twitto’ - due to the fact that of his acerbic twitter attacks mostly focused connected journalists - circulated a photo astatine a pre-meeting with the assemblage of commissioners, featuring 2 Slovenian S&D MEPs with Slovenian judges - implying that this whitethorn someway harm the aforesaid judges independency . Frans Timmermans - refused to instrumentality portion successful the “family photo” of the commissioners and the caput of the incoming presidency. Which conscionable goes to amusement that the EU household is conscionable similar your mean family, with disagreements, dysfunctions and a weird uncle with immoderate precise dodgy and somewhat embarrassing views. 

Try, effort and effort again

There are nary surprises here. Jansa’s “unconventional style” has already been noted, successful a proceeding successful the European Parliament helium tried to hijack proceedings by showing a pre-prepared video. The MEPs halted proceedings and tried to resistance Jansa backmost to mean proceedings. But ne'er fto a video spell to waste, helium utilized today’s (2 July) briefing with journalists to amusement the movie again. This was awarded apical marks for “weird” by those attending. 

But hey ho - onwards and upwards - we volition person to clasp our noses and conflict done the adjacent six months earlier the French presidency. 


The launching of a statement penned by 16 far-right parties to mostly foment against each things that it considers non-judeo-christian, similar migration, cheery rights, the regularisation of law, the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice was a reminder of the menace posed to the EU by these guys erstwhile they negociate to get into government. We each privation to lone travel those laws that suit america astatine immoderate peculiar infinitesimal successful clip - but determination lies chaos.

While Poland’s Law and Justice enactment has overmuch successful communal with Hungary’s Fidesz and French far-right parties, it has - up until present - refused to get into furniture with the French Rassemblement National and Italy’s Lega due to the fact that of their enactment for Putin. Not immoderate longer it seems.

Making concern greener and cleaner

Next week the European Commission volition travel guardant with 3 important fiscal proposals: Renewed sustainable concern strategy, the constitution of an EU greenish enslaved standard  and a caller strengthened anti-money laundering legislative package

Next week’s European Parliament plenary

Parliament volition person its accepted statement adjacent week connected the programme of activities of the Slovenian Presidency. Usually a dull affair, outlining the agelong legislative programme for the adjacent six months, we tin possibly expect it to beryllium a little accepted matter than accustomed with Janša.

MEPs volition remark connected imaginable breaches of EU instrumentality and of the rights of LGBTIQ citizens successful Hungary and are acceptable to inquire what actions volition beryllium successful spot to support the rights of children and LGBTIQ persons. 

Rule of law: MEPs volition quiz Council and Commission astir the 2 hearings held by the Council connected the regularisation of instrumentality successful Hungary and Poland. The Parliament are acrophobic astir corruption and cronyism successful these and countries, galore MEPs privation to spot the ‘Rule of Law Conditionality Mechanism’ launched to support European funds

MEPs volition statement and ballot connected a impermanent regularisation that allows the providers of web-based email, chats and messaging services to voluntarily detect, region and study kid intersexual maltreatment online arsenic good arsenic to usage scanning technologies to observe cyber grooming. 

The parliament is calling for the strengthening of the European Medicines Agency extending its mandate to hole for crises and physique connected lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

MEPs volition remark connected guidelines presently being developed by the Commission connected however to use the EU Rule of Law Conditionality Mechanism, designed to support EU funds from being misused by EU governments. (debate Tuesday, ballot Wednesday, effect Thursday)

Connecting Europe Facility programme worthy €30 cardinal from 2021 to 2027 is acceptable for adoption adjacent week. The programme volition backmost trans-European projects successful the tract of transport, vigor and integer Infrastructure.


Von der Leyen volition proceed connected her Recovery and Resilience Fund tour, this week stopping disconnected successful sunny Cyprus and Croatia. 

European Court Highlights

07/07(J): #EU #SoundMark - opening a brushed portion tin (T-668/19)

08/07(J): Start-up assistance for young #farmers (C-830/19)

08/07(J): Sale successful 1 subordinate authorities of #MedicinalProducts not taxable to aesculapian medicine successful different subordinate state #Hungary (C-178/20)

As ever, each this, and much, overmuch more!

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