Lucid Stock is Tanking. The Reason Has Nothing to Do With EV Manufacturing.

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Courtesy Lucid Motors

Investors successful Lucid are acceptable to person 1 of the hard days that often hap among start-up electric-vehicle companies. The stock were down 16% successful aboriginal trading, portion the S&P 500 was up 0.2% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average was flat..

Life tin beryllium pugnacious for investors successful these companies. So galore things tin determination the banal terms significantly. Many of them person thing to bash with corporate fundamentals.

The contented Wednesday is the expiration of a stock-selling prohibition for investors successful Lucid’s PIPE, oregon backstage concern successful nationalist equity. The PIPE lockup expired Wednesday.

Lucid became a publically traded company, and raised much than $4 billion, by merging with a special-purpose acquisition company, oregon SPAC. PIPEs are a communal diagnostic of SPAC mergers. The Lucid PIPE raised astir $2.5 cardinal of the full $4.4 cardinal the institution received.

The prime of the PIPE investors–they tin beryllium ample institutions–often improves investors’ perceptions astir a SPAC merger. Lucid’s PIPE investors included accounts managed by BlackRock (BLK), Fidelity Management & Research, Franklin Templeton, Neuberger Berman, Wellington Management, and others.

PIPE investors ain astir 10% of the stock, based connected caller filings. The PIPE banal was sold astatine astir $15 a share, truthful those investors are sitting connected bully gains. Lucid banal was astatine $16.84 successful aboriginal trading.

Anytime a ample artifact of banal becomes disposable to sell, shares tin beryllium weak. Investors, and traders, look to get retired up of immoderate selling by ample shareholders. It tin make a situation, wherever the fearfulness of selling creates existent selling.

None of the PIPE shareholders person to sell, of course. They simply tin merchantability now. Lucid wasn’t instantly disposable to remark connected the PIPE, investors’ plans, oregon the lockup expiration.

Coming into Wednesday, Lucid banal was down astir 7% implicit the past 3 months. The S&P has gained astir 8% implicit the aforesaid span.

Other EV stocks person been anemic too. The semiconductor shortage, which is constraining planetary car production, unneurotic with a downbeat forecast from General Motors (GM) regarding its second-half 2021 earnings, look to person taken immoderate of the upwind retired of the sails of the sector.

Lucid plans to start making and delivering its archetypal EV, the Lucid Air, aboriginal successful 2021.

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