London to commemorate 16 years since the 7/7 bombings of 2005

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Australia's Gill Hicks, left, who mislaid  some  her legs, during a work  to people    the 10th day  of the 7/7 London attacks, astatine  the 7/7 memorial successful  Hyde Park, July 7, 2015.

Australia's Gill Hicks, left, who mislaid some her legs, during a work to people the 10th day of the 7/7 London attacks, astatine the 7/7 memorial successful Hyde Park, July 7, 2015.   -   Copyright  AP Photo/Matt Dunham

In London's Hyde Park, 52 stainless alloy pillars basal unneurotic successful 4 clusters successful the southeastern country of the 350-acre site.

Each of the pillars represents 1 idiosyncratic who died, portion each clump symbolises 1 of the 4 locations wherever the bombs went disconnected connected July 7, 2005.

Sixteen years on, radical inactive stumble crossed the memorial which was erected successful 2009, without realising astatine archetypal that it is dedicated to what became known arsenic the 7/7 attacks.

The violent bombing of 3 Underground stations and a double-decker autobus constituted the worst onslaught connected London since World War II, and remains the worst idiosyncratic violent barbarity Britain has known.

As good arsenic those killed, respective 100 much radical were injured and galore stay maimed for life. The 4 bombers besides died.

Overnight, the UK superior had been successful celebratory mood, London having conscionable been awarded the 2021 Olympic Games the erstwhile day.

The 3 metro bid bombs went disconnected astir simultaneously during the weekday greeting unreserved hour, adjacent to 3 stations successful cardinal London: Aldgate, Edgware Road and Russell Square. Altogether, 39 radical died.

The 4th instrumentality was detonated by the youngest of the bombers conscionable nether an hr aboriginal astatine Tavistock Square, connected the precocious platform of the reddish London bus. Another 13 were killed.

Within 9 days, constabulary had named the 4 bombers, 3 of whom it was revealed had travelled from Leeds successful the northbound of England aboriginal that morning, joining the 4th astatine Luton, northbound of London.

A consequent probe recovered that 2 of the young men had been nether surveillance and had imaginable links to Al Qaeda, but the grade of the violent group's engagement is not known. The 4 utilized easy disposable materials to marque their bombs.

The pursuing twelvemonth the past Home Secretary (interior minister) John Reid described the bombers arsenic "ordinary British citizens" who were motivated by "anger astatine perceived injustices by the westbound against Muslims and a tendency for martyrdom".

The atrocity prompted a rethink successful British counter-terrorism policy, which thereafter focused overmuch much connected "homegrown" threats arsenic good arsenic risks from abroad. There was a increasing consciousness of the information of Islamist radicalisation among Muslims, inspired by the Syrian warfare and different events.

In the years since, Europe has suffered much specified violent atrocities carried retired by the alleged Islamic State group, Al Qaeda, oregon lone attackers. London excessively has had its share, albeit not connected the standard of immoderate different European cities specified arsenic Paris, Nice and Brussels.

In the West and successful peculiar the UK successful caller years, right-wing extremism has been identified arsenic a increasing menace -- with a study successful 2020 describing "the surge successful far-right governmental terrorism" arsenic a worrying trend.

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