Lithuania recalls ambassador to China over Taiwan office dispute

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By Euronews with AP  •  Updated: 03/09/2021 - 14:36

The determination  was announced successful  a little  connection    connected  Friday.

Lithuania has recalled its ambassador to China successful a tit-for-tat determination with Beijing implicit self-governing Taiwan.

The EU subordinate authorities decided successful July to let Taiwan to unfastened an bureau successful Vilnius nether its ain name.

In response, China recalled its ambassador to Lithuania and told the Baltic federation to "immediately rectify its incorrect decision, instrumentality factual measures to undo the damage, and not to determination further down the incorrect path."

Lithuania's Foreign Ministry said connected Friday that they had recalled their ambassador pursuing Beijing's determination past month.

"The Lithuanian Ambassador to China, Diana Mickevičienė, is being summoned for consultations arsenic of 4 September, pursuing China's connection connected 10 August," a statement read.

"The Lithuanian Embassy successful China is unfastened arsenic usual," the ministry added.

Vilnius had expressed regret implicit China's enactment and stressed that portion respecting the "one China" principle, it stands acceptable to make mutually beneficial ties with Taiwan.

Beijing had mentioned "political consequences" if Lithuania allowed the Taiwan bureau to open, without giving further details. China says Taiwan is portion of its territory and doesn't person the close to diplomatic recognition.

But the land does support informal ties with each large nations done commercialized offices that enactment arsenic de facto embassies, including successful the United States and Japan.

Chinese unit has nevertheless reduced Taiwan's ceremonial diplomatic allies to conscionable fifteen.

On Friday, the lawman EU ambassador to China, Tim Harrington, shared a associated photograph connected Twitter arsenic dozens of EU diplomats gathered to show solidarity with their Lithuanian counterpart arsenic she near Beijing.

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