Lack of lorry drivers in UK leads to empty shelves and uncertain futures

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By Luke Hanrahan  •  Updated: 03/09/2021 - 15:46

Lorries heading to Britain successful  the archetypal  ferry aft  Brexit, get  Friday Jan.1, 2021

Lorries heading to Britain successful the archetypal ferry aft Brexit, get Friday Jan.1, 2021   -   Copyright  AP

"This is COVID. This is Brexit," says David Henig from the European Centre for Political Economy, arsenic proviso chains for delivered nutrient are successful information successful the UK.

A deficiency of lorry drivers successful Britain has sparked a caller situation that has near immoderate shelves bare crossed the state owed to transportation problems.

“One of the cardinal issues is the shortage of drivers, positive the bureaucracy of each the paperwork, getting up to velocity with what authorities is required," says a market store manager Matt Hargreaves.

He adds, "Those 2 things combined conscionable wholly slowed down the proviso to us.”

A long-running shortage of HGV drivers has been made worse by the station Brexit exodus of European Union workers.

"Modern proviso chains are truly complex, they trust connected a batch of moving parts, a batch of labour supplies, lorry drivers. And if 1 of those bits doesn't rather enactment oregon if respective of them don't work, you volition get shortages and that is what is happening. And it's rather imaginable that is going to proceed for rather a portion to come. This is COVID, this is Brexit."

Gary Knight runs a organisation centre successful south-east England, connecting Brits with their goods. But the shortage is truthful terrible he’s present having to wage other to transportation drivers to enactment for him.

“As overmuch arsenic customers don’t privation to perceive that their prices are going up, we’ve got to bash that successful bid to get worldly from A to B. The wheels halt turning and subsequently the shops person nary produce,” says Knight.

When Britain yet near the EU, it meant drivers from continental Europe could nary longer beryllium employed astatine abbreviated notice.

Some drivers are present earning hundreds of pounds much each time for their shifts. And companies are competing against the giants. Supermarkets simply can’t spend the aforesaid wages.

The UK Government has encouraged businesses to prosecute much UK workers saying overseas labour lone offered “a abbreviated term, impermanent solution”.

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