Kenya protesters clash with police at lockdown demo

2 weeks ago 8

Kenya Virus Clashes

Dozens of aggravated protesters clashed with constabulary successful the Kenyan superior of Nairobi connected Wednesday arsenic they demanded an extremity to lockdowns and curfews enactment successful spot to combat the dispersed of the coronavirus.

Demonstrators besides called for an extremity to what they accidental has been "police brutality" successful the country, peculiarly towards younger people.

"We are present to speech astir our younker the mode they person been murdered, the mode they are suffering," protester Jane Atieno said.

Police responded to the demonstrations by shooting unrecorded bullets into the aerial and throwing teardrop gas.

Officers besides made respective arrests.

Kenyan authorities person presently imposed a nationwide curfew from 22:00 until 0400 section clip until astatine slightest July 27 arsenic portion of its restrictions to combat COVID-19.

Internal question to parts of occidental Kenya has besides been banned until astatine slightest July 27 portion nationalist gatherings are presently prohibited.

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