Kazakhstan plans massive 45GW renewable project to power green hydrogen

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German renewable vigor institution Svevind Energy is to spouse with the Kazakh Invest National Company to physique a mammoth 45GW renewable vigor projected intended to nutrient immense amounts of greenish hydrogen, writes Joshua S Hill.

The program is for Svevind Energy to physique upwind and star farms crossed the assets affluent Kazakhstan worthy a full capableness of 45GW, chiefly successful the steppe areas of Western and Central Kazakhstan.

The resulting greenish energy volition past beryllium utilized to powerfulness 30GW worthy of hydrogen electrolysers which volition beryllium capable to nutrient astir 3 cardinal tonnes of greenish hydrogen each year.

The greenish hydrogen tin past beryllium exported straight to Europe’s perpetually increasing hydrogen marketplace oregon utilized locally successful Kazakhstan to nutrient high-value greenish products specified arsenic ammonia, steel, oregon aluminium.

“Svevind aims to harvester the outstanding earthy resources successful Kazakhstan with Svevind’s long-time acquisition and passionateness successful task improvement to proviso Kazakhstan and Eurasia with green, sustainable vigor and products, ‘powered by nature’,” said Wolfgang Kropp, the company’s bulk proprietor and CEO.

“The greenish hydrogen facilities volition assistance Kazakhstan among the planetary leaders of renewable vigor and hydrogen astatine precise competitive, ultra-low accumulation costs. We spot that for greenish hydrogen, Kazakhstan is the spot to be.”

Svevind already boasts important expertise successful gathering ample onshore upwind powerfulness projects, including the Markbygden 1101 clump of connected upwind farms located successful Northern Sweden. Already boasting a capableness of 1GW, the Markbygden 1101 clump besides has a further 1.5GW worthy of upwind turbines nether construction.

Upon completion, the Markbygden 1101 clump is expected to beryllium capable to supply astir 8% of Sweden’s existent energy consumption.

The Svevind program to physique 45GW worthy of upwind and star projects was presented to the Kazakh Government during governmental consultations successful Nur-Sultan connected May 18 and 19.

With the backing of the Kazakh Invest National Company, the development, engineering, procurement, and financing phases for the projects are present expected to instrumentality betwixt 3 to 5 years, portion operation and commissioning volition instrumentality a further 5 years.

“Hydrogen vigor is precise productive, technological and businesslike to use,” said Meirzhan Yussupov, Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Invest and subordinate of the Board of Directors. This vigor assets tin beryllium utilized successful transport, mundane life, vigor and the railway industry. All of this contributes to the advancement of low-carbon development.

“The promotion of low-carbon improvement is successful enactment with the strategical absorption of improvement of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the obligations undertaken successful the model of planetary agreements. Through the improvement of hydrogen energy, Kazakhstan tin get its niche successful the satellite proviso of hydrogen.”

Kazakhstan presently has astir 5GW of installed renewable vigor capacity, dominated by astir 3GW of hydropower and astir 2GW of star power.

Though the country’s renewable hydropower has been a longstanding root of energy for the country, its installed star capableness has skyrocketed successful caller years. In 2019, for example, Kazakhstan had lone 823MW of solar. A twelvemonth later, though, and that had grown by astir a gigawatt to 1,719MW.

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