'I have not left Afghanistan,' says resistance leader Amrullah Saleh

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By Masoud Imani Kalesar  •  Updated: 03/09/2021 - 20:32

In this Sept 28, 2011 record  photo, a ample  poster of precocious   charismatic guerrilla combatant  Ahmad Shah Massoud is displayed adjacent  to a roadworthy  starring  into the Panjshir Valley.

A rebel person successful Afghanistan that is starring the absorption question against the Taliban has denied reports that helium has near the country, claiming that they are "enemy propaganda".

Amrullah Saleh, erstwhile vice-president of Afghanistan and self-declared acting president of the state told Euronews that helium remained successful the Panjshir Valley with his National Resistance Front fighters.

"Reports that I person near my state and americium extracurricular Afghanistan are the propaganda of the enemy," helium said.

"I'm successful Panjshir. I'm astatine my base. We person had respective meetings with commanders and we negociate the concern with governmental figures."

Saleh, who is warring alongside Ahmad Massoud successful the Panjshir Valley against the Taliban, said that the conflict had been hard but that the rebels remained successful power of the region.

"We are nether the onslaught of the Taliban and al-Qaeda and the terrorists with the enactment of the Pakistanis. We are defending our onshore and the absorption continues."

"The force suffered casualties and we suffered casualties too. The force continues to onslaught from 2 oregon 3 fronts today, but we are successful power of the situation."

The Taliban seized Kabul successful August aft the withdrawal of U.S. troops and were preparing to denote a caller authorities connected Friday.

'It is intolerable for Taliban regularisation to past long'

On 27 August, Saleh told Euronews: “The instrumentality of the Taliban is Islamic Emirate, unacceptable to the radical of Afghanistan and the predetermination of a person by a radical is unacceptable. It is intolerable for Taliban regularisation to past agelong successful Afghanistan.”

Asked wherefore helium didn’t fly the country, similar President Ashraf Ghani, helium said: “I americium a worker of Ahmad Shah Massoud and, successful his dictionary, determination was nary specified happening arsenic fleeing, exile and leaving the federation successful atrocious moments.

“If I had escaped, I mightiness person been physically alive, but arsenic soon arsenic I reached immoderate country of the globe, I would person died instantly."

Massoud, Saleh’s guru, was posthumously named a nationalist leader by erstwhile president Hamid Karzai, for his heroics successful warring disconnected the Soviet service and the Taliban.

He was assassinated 2 days earlier the September 11 panic attacks successful 2001.

Saleh and his absorption beforehand are successful the Panjshir Valley successful Afghanistan, the lone country the Taliban were incapable to power during their past regularisation implicit the state - and the birthplace of Massoud

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