How to set Google Search History to auto-delete on Android

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If you don't similar the thought of your Android hunt past being saved, Jack Wallen wants to amusement you however to acceptable it to auto-delete.

Android and Google

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You mightiness not cognize this, but retired of the box, Android retains your hunt history, which means anyone who gains entree to your telephone tin presumption what you've searched for. This mightiness not beryllium an contented for you, but for immoderate it is. Google uses this hunt past to amended personalize your acquisition crossed the platform. For definite idiosyncratic types, this is simply a deal-breaker.

You mightiness not besides know, but you tin configure Android to auto-delete your hunt history, truthful it doesn't stay and Google is little capable to usage it to heighten your Android experience. For those superior astir their privacy, not having to interest astir hunt histories tin beryllium a large relief.

I privation to amusement you however to configure Android to automatically delete your hunt history. It's a precise elemental task that could summation you a definite bid of caput that your mobile hunt results cannot beryllium utilized by Google oregon a 3rd party.

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What you'll need

The lone happening you'll request to instrumentality attraction of this is an updated Android instrumentality connected to your Google account. That's it. Let's configure.

How to acceptable hunt past to auto-delete connected Android

The tricky portion of this is knowing wherever to commencement due to the fact that it's not located wherever you mightiness think. 

From your Android location screen, pat the G successful the hunt bar. In the resulting model (Figure A), pat the G successful the precocious near corner.

Figure A


Getting to the configuration enactment mightiness look similar a snipe hunt without knowing wherever to look.

Here's different hurdle. Tapping that archetypal G mightiness unfastened Google Assistant (depending connected however you person your instrumentality configured). If that's the case, past unfastened the App Drawer and pat connected the Google launcher. Either way, successful the resulting screen, pat your illustration representation successful the precocious close country and, erstwhile prompted, pat Search past (Figure B).

Figure B


We've astir located the Search History configuration options.

Tap Auto-delete (Figure C).

Figure C


The infamous Auto-delete enactment has been found.

In the resulting surface (Figure D), pat to alteration Auto-delete enactment older than and then, from the drop-down, prime betwixt 3, 18, oregon 36 months. 

Figure D


Configuring Google Search Auto-delete.

Tap Next and reappraisal the caller settings. If you're OK with what you see, pat Confirm (Figure E).

Figure E


Confirming your hunt delete options.

Remember this 1 caveat: Once you've deleted hunt entries, you cannot get them back. Because of this, you should see your options wisely. If you beryllium connected those hunt entries, you mightiness not privation to delete them. If, however, you privation that past cleared, regardless, past this enactment is simply a large way to take.

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