Homeland Security Watchdog Delayed Inquiry, Complaint Says

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The department’s inspector wide delayed looking into a retaliation ailment by a erstwhile quality main until aft the 2020 election, according to officials and a whistle-blower.

During his confirmation proceeding  successful  2019 arsenic  the department’s inspector general, Joseph V. Cuffari assured senators that determination   would beryllium  nary  retaliation against whistle-blowers connected  his watch.
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July 1, 2021

The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector wide blocked an enquiry into whether elder bureau officials demoted an worker who criticized the Trump administration, according to radical acquainted with the substance and a whistle-blower ailment obtained by The New York Times.

The inspector general, Joseph V. Cuffari, ignored recommendations from his investigators and delayed the enquiry until aft the 2020 election, according to officials acquainted with the substance and a whistle-blower ailment filed successful April.

At contented was whether Brian Murphy, a erstwhile quality main astatine the department, was demoted by its enactment past summertime for informing his superiors and Mr. Cuffari’s bureau that the Trump medication had deliberately withheld reports astir the rising menace of home extremism — a informing that proved prescient aft the Capitol riot connected Jan. 6 — and Russia’s attempts to power the election.

Mr. Murphy filed his ain complaint astir his reassignment successful September. But Mr. Cuffari and his aides delayed looking into his claims for weeks past autumn and constricted the clip investigators had to behaviour interviews, according to radical acquainted with the substance and the abstracted April complaint, filed by Brian Volsky, a erstwhile elder researcher successful Mr. Cuffari’s office.

Mr. Volsky’s complaint, dated April 27, was archetypal obtained by the Project connected Government Oversight, an autarkic watchdog radical successful Washington. The enactment brought the accusation to The Times, which confirmed its authenticity with 4 authorities officials acquainted with the matter. The details adhd to mounting questions, peculiarly from lawmakers, astir the impartiality of the bureau conducting oversight of an bureau that was astatine the halfway of immoderate of erstwhile President Donald J. Trump’s much contentious policies, including deploying national agents to protests successful American cities and separating migrant children from their parents astatine the southwestern border.

Mr. Murphy was reassigned successful August, aft helium included the tweets of journalists — including a New York Times newsman — successful quality reports during the unrest successful Portland, Ore., past summer.

In his ailment past September, Mr. Murphy said helium was demoted due to the fact that helium had raised concerns with his superiors and the inspector wide connected aggregate occasions — from March 2018 to August 2020 — that the Trump medication had distorted quality to align with the president’s governmental priorities. Chad F. Wolf, the acting homeland information caput astatine the time, and his apical aides person repeatedly denied that claim. The probe into Mr. Murphy’s claims is continuing, according to Mark Zaid, his lawyer.


Brian Murphy claimed helium  had been demoted for informing  his superiors and Mr. Cuffari’s bureau   that the Trump medication  had deliberately withheld quality   reports astir  the rising menace  of home  extremism.

Mr. Cuffari’s bureau responded to questions astir the allegations with a connection that “we bash not publically sermon whether, oregon what, whistle-blower retaliation investigations are pending.” The bureau is pursuing investigations into however quality was gathered earlier Jan. 6, the connection said.

The allegations, if they beryllium true, could adhd to what has already go a dilemma for President Biden: however to grip inspectors wide who were appointed by the Trump medication and stay connected the job. Mr. Biden has the quality to region immoderate bureau watchdogs, but helium has prioritized restoring authorities norms and the independency of oversight institutions that galore successful his medication felt were nether onslaught during Mr. Trump’s tenure.

“On 1 hand, the medication wants to debar the politicization of the inspectors wide and mostly would privation to let them to proceed to behaviour their enactment independently,” said Carrie Cordero, a elder chap astatine the Center for a New American Security. “On the different hand, the medication has a work to guarantee the inspectors general’s offices are operating efficaciously and appropriately.”

Lawmakers are besides moving to enactment up the independency of bureau watchdogs aft Mr. Trump fired oregon demoted a fig of them past year, claiming helium was treated unfairly.

But precisely what Congress tin steer into instrumentality remains unclear. The Democratic-led House connected Tuesday approved respective changes to mandate that an inspector wide tin beryllium removed lone for cause, to necessitate the president to notify Congress erstwhile that happens and to bounds whom the president tin prime to temporarily regenerate an ousted watchdog without the Senate’s approval.

Mr. Cuffari, who spent 20 years moving arsenic a Justice Department inspector general, assured senators during his confirmation proceeding successful 2019 that determination would beryllium nary retaliation against whistle-blowers connected his watch.

Mr. Volsky filed his ailment to the Council of the Inspectors General connected Integrity and Efficiency, which reviews allegations of misconduct by inspectors general. In it, helium accused Mr. Cuffari and 2 different employees of “conduct that undermines the independency oregon integrity reasonably expected” of their positions.

Mr. Volsky’s ailment did not specifically sanction Mr. Murphy, but 3 radical acquainted with the substance confirmed that it was referring to the office’s handling of Mr. Murphy’s retaliation case.

In the complaint, Mr. Volsky said helium was told that Mr. Cuffari had decided not to look into Mr. Murphy’s claims due to the fact that of a conflict.

Only aft the predetermination did Mr. Cuffari’s bureau licence Mr. Volsky’s squad to analyse Mr. Murphy’s claims, Mr. Volsky’s ailment said.

By then, helium wrote, the squad “had mislaid respective weeks of probe clip and had astir 2 months earlier it would suffer the quality to compel galore of the cardinal witnesses successful the investigation.”

But adjacent then, investigators faced roadblocks, according to Mr. Volsky’s ailment and a abstracted batch of emails obtained by The Times.

Mr. Cuffari and his apical aides rejected their requests to walk 2 hours interviewing witnesses, alternatively limiting the queries to 1 hour, according to the emails and the Volsky complaint. As precocious arsenic January, the squad continued to property for interviews with elder officials astatine the agency, fearing that they would not beryllium capable to behaviour them earlier the statesmanlike transition, according to the emails.

Investigators successful the bureau were yet capable to behaviour the interviews, though immoderate were forced to behaviour them via written questions fixed the constricted magnitude of time, according to the emails.

The disapproval of Mr. Cuffari outlined successful Mr. Volsky’s ailment supports a caller review of the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General, which recovered that dysfunction has spanned respective administrations, with precocious turnover rates among the staff, aggregate reorganizations and small adherence to absorption structures.

The bureau has agelong been plagued by controversies. In the outpouring of 2020, a erstwhile acting inspector wide and a erstwhile accusation exertion manager were federally indicted connected charges of stealing the office’s databases.

Nicholas Fandos contributed reporting.

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