Hillbilly Elegy Author JD Vance is Entering the Ohio Senate Race as a Republican

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JD Vance has rather a backstory. Raised successful utmost poorness successful Middletown, Ohio, helium yet earned a instrumentality grade from Yale. His memoir, Hillbilly Elegy, which was yet made into a film, was cited by galore to assistance recognize the populist emergence of Donald Trump.

Vance, present a task capitalist, was astatine archetypal a detractor of Trump. He said successful 2016, “I can’t tummy Trump. I deliberation that he’s noxious and is starring the achromatic moving people to a precise acheronian place.”

But now, the writer has gone each successful connected Trump and often beforehand achromatic grievance talking points. He announced connected Thursday that helium volition effort to triumph 1 of Ohio’s US legislature seats successful 2022.

Vance told reporters, “If you look astatine each contented successful this country, each contented I judge traces backmost to this fact: On the 1 hand, the elites successful the ruling people successful this state are robbing america blind, and connected the other, if you situation kick astir it, you are a atrocious person.”

Peter Thiel, an elite billionaire task capitalist volition beryllium heavy backing Vance’s campaign.

JD Vance needing to scrub his relationship of immoderate shred of morality to tally for bureau successful the Republican Party says a batch astir Trumpism https://t.co/nAyI4bzFw6

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 2, 2021

The GOP hopeful besides noted, “We request radical successful Washington, D.C. who cognize however the strategy works, who cognize however to betterment that strategy and tin marque this state better. And that’s wherefore I’m moving to beryllium your adjacent legislator from the authorities of Ohio.”

Vance volition look a crowded Republican tract that includes Jane Timkin and Josh Mandel. The victor volition look disconnected against fashionable Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown.

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