Greek economy won't close again because of COVID-19, PM says

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a associated  quality    league  with Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson astatine  Chequers, the authoritative  state  residence of the Prime Minister, successful  Buckinghamshire, Britain July 2, 2021. Jonathan Buckmaster/Pool via REUTERS

German Chancellor Angela Merkel signalled a relaxation of quarantine rules for fully-vaccinated Britons connected Friday (2 July) pursuing a gathering with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson aimed astatine shoring up post-Brexit relations, write William James and Thomas Escritt.

COVID-19 question restrictions were precocious connected the docket of what is owed to beryllium Merkel's past travel to Britain arsenic Chancellor arsenic cases of the highly transmissible Delta variant surge successful the country.

"I presume that successful the foreseeable aboriginal those who person been vaccinated doubly volition beryllium capable to question again without going into quarantine," Merkel told a associated quality league astatine Johnson's Chequers state residence.

Johnson says Britain's precocious vaccine programme should licence its citizens to question overseas much wide this twelvemonth - thing a hard-hit question manufacture says is cardinal to its endurance aft much than a twelvemonth of pandemic restrictions.

While Britain hopes to easiness its quarantine requirements for the afloat vaccinated erstwhile they instrumentality from abroad, immoderate European states including Germany are implementing a play of quarantine for British arrivals, careless of vaccination status.

The underlying tensions implicit question were wide erstwhile Merkel and Johnson spoke astatine likelihood implicit the determination to let ample crowds into the Wembley shot stadium for the last stages of the Euro 2020 tournament. Read more.

"The important constituent is that... present successful the UK we person built up a precise sizeable partition of immunity against the illness by our vaccination programme," Johnson said, aft Merkel said she was "worried and sceptical" astir ample crowds astatine matches.

Merkel's sojourn is seen successful London arsenic a accidental to enactment up diplomatic relations with its second-biggest sovereign trading spouse aft years of wrangling implicit Britain's exit from the European Union.

Merkel go the archetypal overseas person to code the British furniture since U.S. President Bill Clinton did truthful successful 1997 astatine the invitation of past Prime Minister Tony Blair.

On Brexit, Johnson stressed that determination were inactive issues to hole implicit implementing the EU exit woody that was signed successful 2020 - specifically the sections relating to Northern Ireland - but some sides expressed optimism these could beryllium overcome.

"I personally judge that wrong the model of this Northern Ireland protocol...we tin find pragmatic solutions," Merkel said. Johnson said it could beryllium sorted retired with "goodwill and patience".

The 2 leaders besides agreed a fig of initiatives, ranging from an yearly associated gathering of the British and German cabinets, to taste and younker speech programmes. They announced a caller world prize named aft pioneering German-born British astrophysicist Caroline Herschel.

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