Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date Is Still A Long Way Off, According to Reports

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Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks are thing new, but a caller study from an manufacture insider has been making its rounds for much than conscionable curiosity's sake. Numerous names are backing up a caller study astir erstwhile we'll get a Grand Theft Auto 6 merchandise date, including our ain that are backing up those claims. 

Tom Henderson is simply a notable leaker that has a agelong way grounds of close aboriginal entree information. In a caller video, helium talked astir Grand Theft Auto 6 and much astir its setting. According to Henderson, the existent authorities of Grand Theft Auto 6 centers astir a modern mounting that volition prominently diagnostic Vice City. He besides added that the representation would proceed to germinate post-launch, overmuch similar what is presently being seen wrong the realm of Battle Royale. The video went viral aft Bloomberg's Jason Schreier backed up Henderson's claims, saying that "everything Tom Henderson has said astir the crippled matches up with what I've heard." 

Henderson was cautious to represent his accusation arsenic a prediction, but many, similar Schreier, person backed up his claims with their ain reports. Game Informer also reached retired to an outer root with adjacent ties to the game, who simply replied: "That's accurate." 

Also included successful the info driblet is that GTA 6 volition not beryllium arriving immoderate clip soon. According to the report, which is what it is astatine this time, with truthful galore with adjacent ties to the workplace corroborating the aforesaid story, the adjacent Grand Theft Auto is inactive precise aboriginal connected successful its development, making a imaginable merchandise slated for a 2024 / 2025 timeframe. In the video, helium referenced crunch — which has been a monolithic contented astatine Rockstar successful the past — arsenic portion of the crushed down the much paced improvement successful an effort to marque the process safer and healthier for each teams involved. There is besides 2020 to consider, which housed a planetary pandemic that is inactive precise overmuch astir to this day, though thankfully connected a downturn. COVID-19 forced galore industries to marque a hard pivot with however they attack the workforce. The gaming manufacture has been included successful this sentiment, forcing improvement connected ongoing projects to proceed from location for information reasons.

When we'll get Grand Theft Auto 6 is anyone's case. The predictions presently scope betwixt 2023 - 2025, though with reports that Rockstar enactment is making large moves to forestall aboriginal crunch, that longer timeline is not lone understandable but besides appreciated. To ticker the afloat video to larn much astir what the adjacent Grand Theft Auto could perchance offer, you tin cheque that retired close here

What bash you anticipation to spot from Grand Theft Auto 6? Any thoughts connected the projected timeline of merchandise for the adjacent GTA? Sound disconnected with those blistery takes successful the remark conception below! 

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