German tourist surrenders to Italian police over fatal Lake Garda boat accident

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By Euronews with AP  •  Updated: 05/07/2021 - 19:09

Italian forensic constabulary  inspect the harm  connected  the couple's boat.

A German businessman has handed himself into constabulary implicit a fatal boating mishap connected Lake Garda past month.

A 37-year-old antheral and a 25-year-old pistillate were killed successful a night-time collision connected the water connected June 13.

Police initially suspected 2 German tourists from Munich implicit the incidental and confirmed connected Monday that 1 had returned to Italy to surrender himself.

Investigators allege that the fishy was 1 of 2 radical connected committee the motorboat erstwhile it slammed into the Italian couple's smaller vessel.

Brescia Prosecutor Francesco Prete told authorities TV that the antheral is being investigated for 2 counts of manslaughter.

He was besides jailed for nonaccomplishment to assistance the deceased and returning to Germany aft the accident. Police located the tourists aft radical noticed their docked motorboat was damaged, according to Italian media.

Authorities were analysing humor tests to find if the 2 suspects had been drinking earlier the crash.

"The worst happening was helium went distant and didn’t lend assistance," Prete said connected Monday.

The Italian victims person been named locally arsenic Umberto Garzarella and Greta Nedrotti, and reportedly met friends onshore earlier sailing retired onto the water.

The antheral was recovered dormant successful the severely damaged boat, portion the woman’s assemblage was recovered 2 days aft the clang during a hunt of the lake.

Lake Garda, with its galore shoreline resorts, is precise fashionable with European visitors. Thousands had attended section festivities to people the centenary of vintage car contention Garda Circuit connected the time of the crash.

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