German authorities raid homes of two suspects linked to Vienna attack

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By Euronews with agencies  •  Updated: 07/07/2021 - 18:39

Police officers basal   extracurricular  an flat  gathering  during a hunt  successful  Osnabrueck successful  November.

German investigators person searched the homes of 2 radical linked to the perpetrator of November's panic onslaught successful Vienna.

The 2 suspects belonged to the extremist Islamist question and were identified arsenic relatives of the attacker, prosecutors said.

Authorities raided their homes connected Wednesday, but nary arrests were confirmed.

The searches, involving peculiar forces, took spot successful the occidental territory of Osnabrück and the cardinal territory of Kassel.

The 2 men, a German and a Kosovar, are accused of having been alert of the plans for the panic onslaught successful the centre of the Austrian superior city, which killed 4 people.

The perpetrator --Kujtim Fejzulai, a 20-year-old Austrian who besides held North Macedonian nationality -- was killed by constabulary astatine the scene. He was known to the constabulary aft having tried to articulation the ranks of jihadist fighters successful Syria.

Authorities said the 2 suspects were "in adjacent contact" with the perpetrator "via societal networks".

The prosecutor's bureau besides said the 2 men had gone to Vienna to sojourn the attacker for respective days successful July past year, spending the nighttime astatine his apartment.

"They met different radical from the Islamist question successful Austria and Switzerland," a connection added.

Authorities besides said DNA belonging to the 2 men was recovered connected the weapons utilized successful the attack, and that the radical "shared extremist Islamic convictions".

The 2 men had reportedly besides deleted immoderate of the messages they had exchanged with the attacker to screen up their connections.

A full of 15 radical person truthful acold been arrested from the onslaught successful Vienna.

Austria has acknowledged that "intolerable mistakes were made" successful the handling of quality connected Fejzulai, who had been released from situation little than a twelvemonth earlier.

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