Gartner's new guidance on Customer 360: Abandon hope all ye who enter here

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Commentary: Gartner utilized to impulse enterprises to clasp a 360-degree presumption of their customers. Now it's arguing the opposite.


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What a quality 4 years makes. In 2017, Gartner proclaimed the request for enterprises to "Create Powerful Customer Experiences With a 360-Degree View of Your Products," portion acknowledging that less than 10% of companies had reached that nirvana. But successful 2021, Gartner is reversing course: "Act now: Abandon the pursuit of a 360 grade lawsuit view." 

What changed? Not reality, that's for sure. The crushed fewer companies achieved "Customer 360" successful 2017 is the aforesaid crushed astir neglect today, according to Gartner expert Benjamin Bloom: "near-impossible method challenges, accelerating regulatory scrutiny, and information postulation practices that disregard what customers want."

Not that vendors won't inactive effort to merchantability you connected the dream. 

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Selling 360º of hype

Don't judge me? Try Googling "360-degree presumption of the customer," past beryllium backmost and ticker the income pitches alert in. I consciousness a spot soiled due to the fact that I was complicit successful one of those vendor pitches portion moving for my past employer. Sigh.

Interestingly, determination is this Gartner nonfiction from 2020: "The False Promise of a 360-Degree Customer View."

[T]he returns connected achieving a 360-degree presumption of the lawsuit are highly questionable….Rather than chasing a 360-degree presumption of the customer, marketers should question to cod the close acceptable of information points and halt there.

That article, successful turn, links to an earlier, 2019 nonfiction from Gartner: "What Marketers Need to Know About Customer Data."

 Rather than collecting each imaginable information point, absorption connected collecting information that's astir useful.

Of course, it's hard to cognize precisely what that "right" oregon "most useful" information is, which is wherefore there's a booming concern successful data lakes, information warehouses, etc. We support collecting much and much information successful the anticipation that immoderate of it volition beryllium useful. And sometimes we're right. 

But nevertheless "right" that information mightiness be, it's excessively often the incorrect solution to effort a 360-degree presumption of the customer, according to Gartner. 

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The problems with Customer 360

No substance however resource-rich the organization, funds are ever finite. As such, Gartner argues, it's champion for selling organizations to allocate resources to near-term, high-value activities, alternatively than stockpiling information successful the hopes of yet reaching the mythical "360":

Discussions with Gartner clients consistently uncover the tremendous method and fiscal commitments required to assemble a "Customer 360", and today's situation adds caller complexities: the furious gait of alteration among your customers, successful your business, and the regulatory environment. On apical of important fiscal costs, organizations contemplating the 360-degree presumption indispensable grapple with this sizable concern and its tremendous hurdles:  near-impossible method challenges, accelerating regulatory scrutiny, and information postulation practices that disregard what customers want.

It's not that Customer 360 is intolerable to propulsion off, but alternatively that it's thing of a Pyrrhic victory. The costs outweigh the benefits. As such, Gartner has present issued a caller forecast, 1 that unwinds its 2017 guidance: "By 2026, 80% of organizations pursuing a '360-degree presumption of the customer' volition wantonness these efforts due to the fact that they flout information privateness regulations, trust connected obsolete information postulation methods, and erode lawsuit trust." 

It's 2021. You needn't hold until 2026 to determination connected from the 360 dream.

Disclosure: I enactment for AWS, but the views expressed herein are wholly mine, and don't correspond the views of my employer.

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