French health minister warns of fourth COVID wave

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A pistillate rests connected a caller cement walkway adjacent to the Parthenon temple, built to amended entree for radical with disabilities atop the Acropolis hill, successful Athens, Greece, June 8, 2021. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis/

Greece's system would not adjacent again due to the fact that of the coronavirus pandemic if it was conscionable to support an unvaccinated minority, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said successful a paper interview, writes Angeliki Koutantou, Reuters.

Greece has fared good successful the archetypal question of the COVID-19 past year. But a resurgence successful COVID-19 infections has forced the state to enforce lockdown restrictions since November which person outgo galore billions of euros to an system dilatory emerging from a decade-long crisis.

Greece has been easing restrictions arsenic infections fall, but concerns are rising astir the dispersed of the much contagious Delta variant.

With astir 35% of its 11 cardinal colonisation afloat inoculated, the authorities past week offered young radical currency and telephone information to boost vaccination rates.

"When we imposed across-the-board measures, determination were nary vaccines," Mitsotakis told Kathimerini newspaper. "We bash person vaccines now."

Mitsotakis said helium can't marque vaccinations mandatory. "But everyone assumes his responsibility. The state volition not adjacent again for the extortion of a fewer unvaccinated."

Mitsotakis said that helium hoped that relations betwixt Greece and Turkey volition beryllium amended this summertime than past summertime erstwhile the 2 historical rivals came adjacent to equipped conflict.

The 2 NATO allies, astatine likelihood implicit competing territorial claims successful the eastbound Mediterranean to migrant boats and the presumption of Cyprus, person been trying to little tensions since.

"I americium much definite that the summertime of 2021 volition beryllium calmer than the summertime of 2020," Mitsotakis said.

However, we person not solved our differences each of a abrupt and determination volition beryllium consequences for Turkey if it opted to substance tensions, helium added.

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