Former French PM François Fillon facing fresh 'fake jobs' investigation, says lawyer

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By Euronews with AFP  •  Updated: 03/09/2021 - 16:21

François Fillon was convicted successful  2020 aft  a abstracted  'fake jobs' scandal.

François Fillon was convicted successful 2020 aft a abstracted 'fake jobs' scandal.   -   Copyright  AP Photo/Michel Euler, FILE

Former French Prime Minister François Fillon is facing a caller "fake job" investigation, according to his lawyer.

The probe volition absorption connected the employment declaration of the erstwhile PM's parliamentary adjunct Maël Renouard, who worked for him betwixt 2013 and 2015.

Renouard had reportedly been hired to constitute Fillon's statesmanlike campaigner publication earlier the 2017 election.

The publication -- entitled "Faire" -- was published nether Fillon's sanction successful September 2015 and sold much than 100,000 copies. According to French media, the income earned up to €250,000.

Investigators are present examining whether Renouard's wage should person been utilized for this purpose.

The Central Office for Combating Corruption and Financial and Tax Offences is moving to found whether the €38,000 of nationalist wealth earned by Renouard could beryllium justified and if helium really worked arsenic a parliamentary assistant.

Magistrates tin determine to unfastened a judicial probe and summon Fillon earlier a Paris transgression tribunal oregon adjacent the investigation.

The erstwhile PM's lawyer has dismissed the probe arsenic "purely artificial".

"It is staggering to assertion that a parliamentary adjutant cannot enactment successful the penning of a governmental publication by a subordinate of parliament," Antonin Levy told AFP.

Fillon was archetypal accused of "misappropriation of nationalist funds" by France's National Financial Prosecutor's Office (PNF) successful 2017.

Fillon served arsenic France's premier curate betwixt 2007 and 2012 during the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy.

He was already convicted successful 2020 successful a akin lawsuit involving his wife's fictitious employment, which severely damaged his 2017 Republican enactment statesmanlike campaign.

The erstwhile PM has appealed against his condemnation and volition look a caller proceedings successful November.

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