Final Fantasy VII Remake Sequel Will Play A Lot Like Intermission

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Yuffie made her expansive quality successful Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade’s Episode Intermission. Despite being a little section successful the Midgar arc, caller exploratory mechanics and combat abilities acceptable Intermission isolated from the vanilla mentation of Remake that launched past year. Naoki Hamaguchi and Motomu Toriyama, 2 of Remake’s directors, stated that the adjacent mainline installment successful Final Fantasy VII would gully from what made Intermission truthful great. 

In an interview with The Washington Post, some directors talked astir however Intermission’s formed of characters and flashy combos volition pass the aboriginal of Remake. For instance, the synergized attacks that Yuffie and Sonon execute unneurotic volition decidedly beryllium making a return, “Additionally, with Intermission, there’s different constituent introduced: combo movies wherever Yuffie and Sonon squad up…which makes for a antithetic consciousness successful conflict strategy,” Hamaguchi said. “I would similar to leverage these, including different elements we tried retired successful Intermission, in our adjacent story.”

Toriyama talked astir Remake being an breathtaking culmination of each Final Fantasy VII media. Even though Intermission focused connected Yuffie, Dirge of Cerberus characters, Nero and Weiss, were introduced. We haven’t seen Vincent conscionable yet, but the crimson edge-lord volition apt marque his debut soon enough. “The satellite of Final Fantasy VII was vastly expanded done aggregate works that followed aft the archetypal game,” Toriyama stated. “We bash privation to marque it a culmination of each the Final Fantasy VII-related works created up to this point. There are characters that I, too, bash not know, but that is the aforesaid with Cloud and institution arsenic well.” 

Toriyama would spell connected to accidental that immoderate characters that didn’t look successful the classical Final Fantasy VII crippled volition beryllium framed arsenic the archetypal brushwood for Cloud and his crew. While accusation surrounding Remake's sequel is fewer and acold between, some directors person made it known that the rapturous effect to the archetypal crippled is fueling their thrust to present a 2nd rubric that’ll not lone unrecorded up to instrumentality expectations but reimagine the beloved communicative arsenic a whole. 

What bash you deliberation astir what's successful store for the sequel? Let america cognize successful the comments section! 

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