Female Afghan students feel 'hopeless' about future under Taliban rule

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By Ehsanullah Ziyayi  •  Updated: 03/09/2021 - 13:12

Schoolgirls be  people  successful  Afghanistan / FILE PHOTO

Schoolgirls be people successful Afghanistan / FILE PHOTO   -   Copyright  AFP

Afghan students are backmost to schools nether the Taliban authorities and accidental they consciousness "worried and hopeless" astir their futures.

Although the Taliban leaders person made promises not to repetition the brutal practices they utilized erstwhile they were successful powerfulness betwixt 1996 and 2001, for galore Afghans, words are not capable reassurance.

"I americium hoping that the Islamic Emirate (Taliban government) volition uphold its promises and bash arsenic they accidental truthful that students tin proceed with their studies," says Sadia Sherifian, an Afghan schoolhouse teacher successful Kabul.

She besides points retired that "there has been a batch of maltreatment of women during the Taliban's erstwhile rule. That's wherefore girls consciousness unsafe going to school".

According to Sherifian, determination were astir 45 to 50 pupils successful the classrooms earlier the Taliban took over. Now determination are lone astir 15 students successful class.

Girls filling up desks successful classrooms talk astir their anxieties and concerns.

"We get astatine schoolhouse successful danger, worrying astir our future," 1 pupil told Euronews.

Schoolteachers successful Afghanistan are besides mostly women, truthful teachers interest that segregating boys and girls could beryllium hard without galore antheral teachers.

One assemblage lecturer said women marque up 48.5 per cent of the workforce successful the country.

Not allowing women to work, arsenic galore fearfulness could beryllium the case, volition person an interaction not lone socially but besides economically.

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